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You Don't Know Jack

I have to believe Desmond is alive, and not just because I lurve him, and not just because he's the lynchpin, but because of the change in Sayid. The change in Sayid is the one thing that's keeping me hopeful where Jack is concerned, too. Well that, and the fact that Claire and Sawyer left Team Faucke, even though they too had been promised things.

At first, I really wanted Jack to be the one who got Claire onto the Elizabeth, but once I saw it play out, I was so glad it was Kate. This is Kate's chance to do the right thing. When Jacob met wee lunchbox stealing Kate Austen, he saved her ass, booped her on the nose, and told her to be a good girl, and not steal again. Bringing Claire back to Aaron is her redemption song. Sing it, sister. Sing it.

Apropos of nothing, do you too feel like David Shephard might evaporate? And who the heck is his mom, anyhow? I was watching "The Hunting Party, on DVD, earlier this week and was struck by a few things. Gabriela Busconi (patient's daughter who Jack kissed) could be David Shephard's mother, if only she were a little paler. Well, this is TV, and not just TV, but Lost. Hell, Rose could be David Shephard's mother, for all we know. But I keep coming back to Sarah, Jack's former wife.

Now, Sarah had a pregnancy scare in that episode, which took place over the course of a month or so (Angelo Busconi was in the hospital for a month before he died on the table). When Sarah tells Jack she's not pregnant, he seems relieved it was a false alarm, which would only make sense, given his then-lifetime subscription to Daddy Issues. Sarah seems angry, or hurt, or edgy, though. And when Jack asks her if she wants to talk about it, she refuses. At the end of the episode, Jack reveals he kissed Gabriela, and Sarah reveals she's been having an affair for some time, and that she's leaving him. The thing is, Jack didn't fly into a fit of jealous rage when Sarah initially told him about the pregnancy scare, so it seems they were still having sex often enough that the baby could be his, yeah? I don't know -- this all makes sense in my head. I just keep thinking that David is going to evaporate in the Sideways, and that if Jack makes the right choices in the Islandways, maybe he'll get his wife back, and the baby we later saw her pregnant with (in 2007, I think) will be his, and will be David. Or maybe he'll reunite with Kate, and they'll conceive David. My word. I need medication, stat. Don't I? I'm going to leave it here, before they lock me up.

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