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You Don't Know Jack

Islandways: As he leads Jack back to camp, Faucke stops once he realizes Claire's trailing them. He calls her out and she nods toward Jack as she explains that she's been following them, because: "He's my brother." Faucke leaves the siblings to their catching up. There's no hugging here, which I suppose can be mostly explained away by the fact that Jack is carrying a torch for Kate, but really, there's still a great divide between Christian Shephard's spawn. Jack tries to apologize for leaving her behind, but Claire interrupts to make sure he knows Faucke's the one who was pretending to be their father. She tells Jack she gave up hoping anyone would return, but now that he's there, she's glad he's on Team Faucke. Jack says he hasn't signed with any team, yet. Maybe he's leaving the negotiations to Scott Boras. If so, I'm surprised he's available, since the island cork is still stopping up Hell's wine bottle, and all. More seriously, Claire says the ink is already dry. Jack's with "him" now. He "decided" the moment he let Faucke talk to him, "just like the rest of us." Title Card.

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Sidebar: During the break, think back to Jack's behavior in the opening scene -- up until he got Hurley's permission for a Faucke-talk. It was almost like a part of Jack intuited this no-talky rule. We've heard it before, from both sides. Yoko told Sayid not to let Faucke talk to him, and Faucke told Richard not to let Jacob talk to him. Nobody warned Jack, and nobody gave him a dagger to plunge into Faucke's heart, so now I'm that kid frigging up the kick-ball game, because someone overlooked some opaque point of order, aren't I? Anyhow, the break is over now, so...

Camp Faucke; Morning: Kate chats with (or to) Sun, while Sawyer gives the Hurley the lowdown. Widmore's on Hydra Island. He's got a submarine. Sawyer plans to use it to get off "this rock." Hurley: "What about Sayid?" Sawyer: "Sayid ain't invited. He's gone over to the dark side." Hurley: "Yeah, but you can always bring people back from the dark side. I mean -- Anakin..." Sawyer: "Who the hell's Anakin?" Fandom: "Oh Sawyer, don't front. You're the one that brought in the Star Wars references.

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