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You Don't Know Jack

Just then, they're interrupted by Jim's partner, Detective Miles Straume, who pulls Ford in to investigate a multiple shooting at a restaurant. In addition to the female gunshot victim (Sun), someone has killed a bunch of crooks, including Keamy. Video surveillance tape reveals Sayid's face. James: "Put a name to that face. That's our bad guy." You don't know the half of it, boys.

Sideways; Camp Faucke: Jack sits alone, observing Shell of Sayid. When Kate joins him, she says, "He's different now." [He has a soul, now? Sorry. That's a bit of a tic. Clearly Shell of Sayid is not with the soulage. Sorry to interrupt. --Buffy.] Jack guesses they're all different, but Kate has no desire to wax philosophical. Instead, she asks Jack what Locke said to him. Jack: "He said that he wants to leave, and we all have to go together." Kate wants to know if Jack believes Faucke. Jack's not sure yet. Their conversation is cut short when an interloper enters the camp. It's Zoe. Any chance she's young David Shephard's mother in the other reality? Ben's Annie? Zach and Emma's mom? (I don't see the kids and Cindy in this scene, but you people still haven't sent me an HDTV set, so who am I to judge?) Is there any chance she's here for any reason about which I could possibly care? Please, Show. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. Don't let me down.

Zoe demands to see the man in black charge. Since that's Faucke, she tells him that he took something (i.e. Des) from Team Widmore, and (in a lovely parallel to Faucke's edict at the Temple) he has until nightfall to return it. To seal the deal, Zoe asks whoever is on the end of her walkie-talkie if he has her position. Since he does, Zoe says: "Show them what we're capable of." There's a whistling sound overhead, followed by loud explosions on the edge of Camp Faucke. She hands Faucke the walkie and walks off. Fauke, the uber-luddite handles the gadget like you might handle a Medusa Spider, and lets it drop to the ground. Once it's down, he smashes it with his walking stick. That's it. We'll kill Faucke with a hand-buzzer thinggum! He'll never see it coming. Shhh. Don't let him know. Right now, he's rallying his Fauckers. "Well, here we go." Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here we go -- again.

Sideways; Day: Claire enters a big L.A. building, asks security about the location (15th floor) of an adoption agency, and signs in at the desk. And who should find her there but stalker special snowflake extraordinaire, Desmond Hume. They remember one another from LAX and before Claire heads off, she makes sure to tell Des he was right. "It's a boy." As they board the escalator, Des can't help but get personal. He noticed Claire came to visit an adoption agency. He's going to see a lawyer right now -- a lawyer who owes him a favor -- and he really thinks Claire should see her. "Adoption contracts are complicated; and, you should be careful because you could find yourself in a situation that's irreversible." Since she's too dumb to live, Claire gets in the elevator with her stalker and agrees to meet with his solicitor. Hats off to Henry Ian Cusick, here. He takes an extremely creepy and contrived narrative, infuses it with warmth and charm, bastes it with his lovely burr, seasons it with savoir-faire and serves up a Desmond who you might listen to, even if you aren't in the running for a Darwin Award. "Look, I promise you it won't cost you a cent. Please. It'd be my absolute pleasure." Wibble.

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