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You Don't Know Jack

Sidebar: Okay, so there's magical science going on. I get that. I accept it. I love it, even. But even though Desmond knows both realities, his story tonight is just a little too too, isn't it? Read on. You'll see what I mean.

Law Office: Desmond's attorney is an American-accented Ilana -- Ilana Verdansky, or some other sky that isn't Radzinsky. She greets him with a hug and a kiss, 'cause hey, wouldn't you? When Des introduces Claire, Ilana cuts him short. She's been looking for a Claire Littleton from Australia. What are the odds? With Desmond's leave, Ilana invites Claire into her office for a private confab.

Islandways: As Faucke calls the Fauckers to attention, Claire asks Hurley what's up. Hurley: "People are trying to kill us again." Heh. That's the whole damned show, isn't it? Forget I said that. I don't want you all engaging in self-harm. Anyhow, Locke says, "All this is happening a bit sooner than I'd expected, but these people have forced our hand, claiming we stole something from them, trying to provoke us into a confrontation. Well, if that's what they want, that's what they'll get. Gather your things, we're going to the other island and we're getting on that plane." A beat. "James, I need your help with something." With only Kate listening in, Faucke tells Sawyer that there's a boat moored a few hours down shore. "I want you to get it and meet the rest of us on the other side of these bluffs." He then shows Sawyer a map. "We'll all sail over to the other island together." Sawyer wants to know why they're not doing everything together. Faucke says big groups move too slowly. Sawyer accepts this, but says he needs another pair of hands. When Faucke tells him to take whoever he wants, Sawyer says, "How about it, Freckles? Know anything about sailing?" Excuse me Sawyer, but she spent two summers crewing J-boats, whatever those are. Kate's more modest, these days. "I know enough." Faucke is pleased. He'll be waiting on them. He then summons Shell of Sayid for a private discussion (as Jack looks on).

Sawyer pulls Jack aside and explains he has no bloody intention of meeting the Fauckers at their pick-up point. "I got a deal with Widmore. [...] First chance you get, double back, hoof it to this spot." He shows Jack his hand-drawn map. "There's an old dock. Grab Hugo, Sun and Lapidus. Kate and I will meet you there." Jack asks: "What about Sayid and Claire?" Sawyer says that Shell of Sayid's a zombie and Claire's nuts. "She gave up her ticket when she tried to kill Kate. And I ain't gonna let that happen again. That's Hugo, Sun, the pilot. Only them. Understand?" Jack has no problem with leaving his illegitimate baby sister behind. "How am I supposed to get us away from -- from Locke?" Sawyer hands the map to Jack and tells him to figure it out. When Kate asks Sawyer what that was all about, Sawyer says, "Guy talk."

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