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You Don't Know Jack

Meanwhile, Faucke tells Shell of Sayid to go kill Desmond. "That's not gonna be a problem, is it, Sayid? You do still want what you asked me for, right?" Shell of Sayid: "Yes, I do." Faucke: "Then go do what I said." Don't you dare do it, Shell of Sayid. If you harm one hair on the special snowflake's head, I'll jump through my TV screen and beat you to death with a cast iron skillet, leaving only a puddle of pretty (albeit, blood-soaked) curls where your shell used to be.

Gun in hand, Sayid approaches the well of souls Scots. When he reaches it, he sits on the edge, cocks his gun and points it at Desmond, who is sitting in a small pool of water, at the bottom. I'd like to call shenanigans, because this well is not nearly as deep as it looked last week, but I'm glad for Desmond's sake, so I'll let it go. Desmond addresses Shell of Sayid. "So what did he offer ya?" When Sayid doesn't answer, Des adds: "If y'gonna shoot me in cold blood, brothah, I think I have a right to know what you're getting in exchange for it." Shell of Sayid says he was promised something he lost -- the woman he loves -- who is currently dead. I know the Sideways arc rules this out, but wouldn't it be a hoot if Faucke gave him Shannon? Sayid did say he loved her, once upon a time. Anyhow, Desmond asks, "And what makes y'think Locke can bring her back?" Sayid: "I died...and he brought me back." Good point. Desmond's less impressed though. He wants to know what Sayid will tell her. "This woman -- when she asks you what you did to be with her again, what will y'tell her?" Better point.

Sideways; Omer Jarrah's House: Sayid is packing up to leave when Nadia returns. Before he can tell her too much, someone arrives at the door. Sayid tells her to stall their caller, but she only manages to do so for a moment. It's Detective Miles Straume of the LAPD. How did they find Sayid's name and location so quickly? Whatever. When Miles enters, he sees Sayid's suitcase lying out on the table, but Sayid is gone. Fortunately, Detective James Ford nabs Sayid out in the backyard, using the latest in suspect apprehension techniques. He trips him up with a garden hose. For a minute, I'm afraid Sayid will kill Ford, but then I remember that in this reality, he's not merely a Shell. [It IS different. He DOES HAVE a soul, now. -- Buffy]. Sorry about that. I'll tell her it's time to patrol.

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