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You Don't Know Jack

Islandways: Kate and Sawyer exit the jungle. From the beach, they can see a sailboat (the Elizabeth) moored just off shore. Sawyer: "You ready to get wet?" Kate ignores that and asks if it's such a good idea to go back and get Locke. Sawyer says of course it isn't. "It's a terrible idea, which is why we ain't doing it. [...] We're gonna ditch Locke. You, me Jack, Hurley, Sun and that pilot that looks like he's stepped off the set of a Burt Reynolds movie." Ha! He totally does. Kate asks when Sawyer was planning on telling her all of this. EVERYONE: "Now." Then she notices he didn't include Claire in his list. Sawyer says she's not coming. "The Claire you came back for is gone." Kate doesn't care. She promised she'd bring Claire back. Sawyer: "That was before she started drinking Locke's Kool-Aid. She's dangerous. You really want her around Aaron?" Everyone pushes Kate's Aaron-button, but I don't think they understand it's Aaron that is motivating her to do right by Claire. At any rate, there's not much time, so they swim for the boat.

Jungle; The Fauckers: Jack talks to his sister, and when he finds out she's been with Faucke ever since the Oceanic 6 left, he asks why she trusts him. Claire: "'Cause he's the only one that didn't abandon me." Yeeowch.

Sidebar: My heart bleeds for Claire, truly, but I'm getting tired of that line. She's the one who walked away from them. There were Commandos coming to blow up the island -- or so everyone thought. There was no time and no way to get her. If this was The Vampire Diaries, someone would have set her straight, the first time she pulled that crap. Laugh if you want, but that show is a rocking antidote to Lost. Big things happen, every week. Questions are answered while they're still pertinent. Mysteries are revealed while you still remember what they are. And the characters -- they actually share information in their conversations, unless they're purposefully lying. Seriously, if you're not already watching, check out the reruns, this summer. Not that I don't love Lost. I do, but it's easier to love, now that I have The Vampire Diaries to fulfill my... baser needs. What, you want to talk Lost? Oh, all right.

So yeah, Faucke's the "only one" who never "abandoned" Claire. Except for now. Okay, he's not really abandoning her, but he is looking for Shell of Sayid. He asks Sun if she's seen him, but since she can't speak English, she doesn't answer. Faucke: "Oh, the silent treatment." Sun takes out her notepad that doesn't have the V promo blocking every page, and writes: "You did this to me." Faucke is quite sure he didn't do anything to her (and I'm starting to believe that), but realizes this conversation is going nowhere, so he approaches Cindy, and tells her to keep everyone moving to the beach. He'll catch up with them, there. Cindy asks where he's going. Faucke: "I wanna make sure nobody got left behind." You want to make sure you have all your ingredients for your magical escape potion.

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