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Dread Lockes

Outside Kate's, Locke asks Abaddon if he found Helen Norwood. Abaddon replies that 3 years is a long time and people move and blah blah blah pants on fire. Locke calls him on his B.S., noting they found everyone else, even Sayid who was in the middle of nowhere. "Your job is to get people to where they need to get to? Well I need to get to her." You go, John Locke. Get down with your bad self.

Santa Monica, CA; Daytime; Cemetery; Helen Norwood's Headstone; Whenever: If the headstone isn't a fake, Helen died on April 8, 2006. On this show, nothing is written in stone, even that which is. Abaddon says a brain aneurysm took her. Locke explains that Helen loved him and they could have been together, but he cuts himself off after, "If I'd just..." Abaddon says, "Maybe you could have. That wouldn't change anything. She'd still be gone." Locke wonders if she would. Abaddon squats down next to Locke's chair. "Helen is where she's supposed to be. As sad as it is, her path led here. And your path, no matter what you did or what you do, your path leads back to the island."

Locke comments that Abaddon says that like it's all inevitable, and let me scratch the needle 'cross this here record for a tick. Why Locke, who has been pretty good about riding Abaddon hard (stop it) throughout their travels, doesn't let loose on him at that, I cannot figure. I mean, wouldn't you be all, "Well then riddle me this, Matty. If people's paths lead them to where they're supposed to be, why am I busting my wheelchair-bound hump to get a bunch of people back to Craphole?" I'd also be running over his feet. For reals. But no, Locke just simpers about blah blah blah inevitability-cakes. Come on, Show. Abaddon reveals that Widmore informed him Richard told Locke he was going to have to die, and asks him if that's inevitable or a choice. Locke's all, "Do you think I want to die?" I'm thinking no Locke, or you would have let go out in the sands of Tunisia, or when they reset your leg the first time at that hospital. That almost killed me. Locke asks how Abaddon could possibly think death was a choice. Matthew smirks, rises back to his full height and says, "Hey, I'm just a driver." Locke stares at Helen's headstone for a moment, then we cut to him waiting in the car as Abaddon loads the wheelchair in the car trunk. When he slams the lid shut, a shot rings out, pierces his flesh, and spatters it and his blood all over the rear windshield, right behind Locke. Did that scene earworm anyone else with Bon Jovi? Just me, then. Abaddon staggers. The rear windshield then shatters inward thanks to another shot. Matthew struggles to stand. Locke yells his name, then, realizing the extent of the danger, he hoists himself over the seat (he's still in his walking cast) and slides into the drivers' seat. Abaddon is facing his assassin by now, and takes another shot to the gut. Locke takes off, and Abaddon

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