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Dread Lockes
falls to the ground, dead, dead, really dead, not just a little dead, and it's still less gross than the puke, and the shinbone. Locke, meanwhile, drives about as well as Hurley does under stress, but he's not fortunate enough to get a visit from the ghost of Ana-Lucia telling him to get his shit together, so he gets in an accident while fleeing from the gunman.

Los Angeles, CA; Daytime; Jack's Hospital; Whenever: Locke wakes to find a bearded Jack (but not that gross fake beard of his druggie days -- think of this more as the beard of the autumn of Jack's discontent) sitting in his room, and grumpily asking what he's doing there. Locke wonders how Jack found him, so Jack explains that Locke was in a car accident and was brought to his hospital. I usually like Jack, but I want to punch him right now. Who's with me? Locke gives him the we-have-to-go-back speech, and Jack's all: yeah, uh huh, right. Not gonna happen. When John says they're supposed to go back, Jack interrupts him with the rest of the spiel. "...Because it's our destiny. How many times are you gonna say that to me, John?" Hey wait a minute, how many times has he said it to him, prior to now? Locke tries the fate angle to explain ending up at Jack's hospital. Jack counters with the probability angle. Man of science, man of faith, why can't we all get along? Locke starts to tell Jack that someone tried to kill him because they don't want him to succeed, or to go back, because he's just that important. Jack puts his head in his hands, then looks back up at John. "Have you ever stopped to think that these delusions that you're special aren't real? That maybe there's nothing important about you at all? Maybe you are just a lonely old man that crashed on an island. That's it." He shakes his head as his rises from Locke's bedside. "Goodbye, John."

Before Jack's out into the hallway, Locke calls after him, "Your father says hello." This stops Jack, so Locke continues: "The man, the man who told me to move the island -- the man who told me how to bring you all back, he said to tell his son hello. It couldn't have been Sayid's father, and it wasn't Hurley's. That leaves you. He said his name was Christian." Jack tells Locke his father is dead. Locke says, "Well, he didn't look dead to me." Jack, who is shaky enough here that he's got to already be using, rails about how he went to Australia to retrieve his body and you know the rest of that song. Locke confesses to Jack that he needs him to come, that Jack's supposed to help him, and see my screed after Abaddon's "path" speech at Helen's grave, John. When your argument amounts to, "You have to do it; it's your fate," you got nothing. If it is fate, you don't have to argue about it, either. Jack says none of them are special and he just wants Locke to leave him and the rest of the Escape-aways alone. He storms out, leaving Locke to stew.

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