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Dread Lockes

Still L.A.; Nighttime; Westerfield Hotel; Whenever: Locke sits and pens a note: "Jack, I wish you had believed me. JL" He slips it in an envelope marked Jack Shephard which is when I first realized I'd been spelling that surname incorrectly and it's still bothering me, y'all. Why is that? Locke then casts aside his crutches, gets out some electrical cord, pulls out a ceiling tile, rigs the cord over a beam in the ceiling, and makes a noose. Hah. I typed nose at first. I was tempted to leave it in, but that's only because I think I'm getting sick, too. And? I aggravated the pinched nerve in my neck when I sneezed. Yes, I'm extra pathetic, this week. You should send me all your cold, hard cash to sooth my fevered brow. Speaking of brows, Locke's is furrowed as he slips the noose (not nose) over his head. He's just about to kill himself, when who bursts in, but BEN! And interestingly, he says he found Locke because he has a man watching Sayid. "I'm watching all of them; keeping them safe." Since that's Widmore's song, Desmond's game-piece theory looks more likely every minute. Poor Locke seems too distraught to catch this though. But he wigs out when Ben says he's protecting him, then realizes Ben killed Abaddon. To give him his due, Ben admits this. Locke's been figuring things out at a crazy-for-him pace, this week, don't you think? Ben undermines Widmore and when Locke protests that Widmore saved him, Ben corrects that he "used" him. Hi Des! He explains that CW is the reason he moved the island in the first place, so John could lead. Yeah, right. Still, after giving Locke a chance to vent about his failures with the Escape-aways, Ben informs him Jack's booked flights to and from Sydney, so Locke must have gotten to him somehow, and once they convince Jack, they'll have the rest. Locke takes the noose off his neck, steps down from the table, and starts to gain his composure. He discloses that he promised Jin that he wouldn't bring Sun back, and that he will use the wedding ring as faux proof that Jin died. As soon as he mentions that Mrs. Hawking will help them get back to Craphole, Ben's expression changes. Standing behind Locke, he grabs the electrical cord and strangles Locke, because he's just that evil. He then stages a suicide-by-hanging, wipes the place clean, swipes Jin's wedding ring, and with tearful, psycho eyes that are nearly as crazy as Desmond's were last week, tells Locke's corpse that he'll miss him. Evil!

The Island; Nighttime; Whenever: Caesar sits in the Hydra reading through the folder he found at the top of the episode. Locke walks in and explains the Dharma Institute symbol on the front of the folder, and that he's already spent more than 100 days on the island, but that no, he wasn't there when Ajira Air 316 crashed, and how he got back to the island is a bit of a mystery to him. You can almost hear Caesar thinking, "Cuckoo, Cuckoo, Cuckoo." But instead, he shares his own mystery with Locke. "On the plane, I was sitting across the aisle from that really big guy with curly hair." Curious that he uses the word that there since he knows/insists John wasn't on the flight, don't you think? Anyhow... "When the plane started shaking, really shaking, there was a big noise and a bright light. And this really big guy with curly hair... was gone, man. I mean, literally gone. And it wasn't only him. Some of us saw it happen to other people, too. So, Mr. John Locke, do you have an idea about what happened?" You bet your sweet bippee, Caesar. Locke says he thinks he might have an idea on how he got back to the island, but he needs to find his friends to figure it all out. He asks for a passenger manifest, but despite what Ilana claimed in the opening, Caesar says he doesn't have one, and claims Frank took off with it, which could be true. Caesar informs Locke that everyone else is accounted for though, other than the people who disappeared, and the people who are hurt. Uh... if you don't have a list, how is everyone else accounted for? Nobody's listening to me. Locke's too focused on the people who got hurt, so Caesar leads him to them. Locke walks along the row of injured people, but none of his friends are among them -- particularly not the last guy in the row. That's no friend. It's BEN! Locke pauses so long at his cot that eventually, Caesar asks if he knows him. Locke says, "Yeah. He's the man who killed me." DUN! Bad Robot.

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