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Dread Lockes

They approach their make-shift camp, where people are gathered around a roaring fire. I suspect they did not use the Bernard method of kindling it. (And where are Bernard and Rose? I'm still worried about them.) A figure, cloaked in a Dharma Initiative blanket, sits alone in the sand, right in front of the fire. I think it's Ben Kenobi, but my eight year old, who I think is coming down with something, suggests Darth Sidious when I ask about Star Wars characters who wear robes that could resemble a blanket. Darn it, he's right. He then makes sure I understand the difference between Star Wars: A New Hope ("Which you would just know as Star Wars, Mommy") and the whole franchise, and double-checks that I understand Star Wars: A New Hope is really episode 4 ("Even though you probably think of it as the first one, Mommy. And you're not entirely wrong. It was the first film released and is the first episode of the original trilogy, but now we have the prequels." Yeah. No, he really talks like that. He's also going to build portals to other dimensions when he grows up, so if you laugh at me, I'll put your name on the first-to-be-pushed-through list. Enjoy your stay in Quor'Toth. Thank you for flying Ajira Air.) Anyhow, blanket dude is suit dude is Locke, but you all knew that, right? Okay, for the three of you who didn't -- SURPRISE! He's alive.

Island; Daytime; Who Knows When: Locke stands at the ocean's edge taking in the beautiful view. And oh my word it is beautiful. Three cheers for the DP, and for Hawaii. Ilana approaches, wishes him a good morning, and hands him a mango for breakfast. Locke gestures towards the pontoons and asks Ilana if they're her (people's) boats. She says they were there when they landed and there were three, but the pilot (Frank!) took off in one with a woman (Sun?) in the middle of the night. Locke asks for a passenger list, and Ilana suggests he asks Caesar. Locke finally digs into the fruit and says it may be the best mango he's ever eaten. And our boy Johnny really slurps it down, so it's clear and obvious that he's eating it. It seems to me we're meant to take this as confirmation of a bodily resurrection -- that Locke's not a spirit or apparition of any kind. Ilana says that nobody remembers him being on the plane. Locke doesn't either. She wants to know why he's dressed up so nice and okay, I've got to complain, here. This is the second time in minutes that the writers have been really drilling home to us that Locke's wearing his suit. We get it. He got resurrected once the plane crashed on the island, or during the flash, or whatever. I just mention this because it's not like nobody ever wears a suit on a flight ever. He's not in a tuxedo for pity's sake. Sheeesh. Locke's kinder than I and tells Ilana, "I think this suit is what they were going to bury me in... You ask what I remembered. I remember dying." Ilana shakes her head and walks away from the crazy man but Locke doesn't care. He's been resurrected; besides, he has some flashing-back to do.

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