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Dread Lockes

Island; Locke's Head; Donkey Wheel Cavern: Christian wishes John good luck and Locke slips the donkey wheel back on track and starts to turn it. The chamber begins to glow. The buzzing grows louder and the flash grows brighter. Christian asks Locke to say hello to his son, and Locke asks who his son is, but then flashes (or whatever) before he can hear an answer.

Tunisia; Day; Locke's Great Escape: Locke is lying in the sand after his wild ride on the frozen donkey wheel. He jerks awake, then tries to sit up, but the searing agony of his broken leg changes his mind immediately. He then pukes from the pain and puts me off milk for the next month. Thanks for the osteoporosis, Show. If I never again see vomit (or even hear retching) on my TV or in film, ever again, it will be too soon. He wipes his mouth, thank goodness, as the vomitus near his head sinks into the desert sand. He tries to look at his leg. Don't do it, Locke. Don't do it. Too late. He lays his head back and then notices that there's a surveillance camera trained on him, and the wire from it hangs across a stretch of utility poles. He must be at one of the Hot Pockets Mrs. Hawking mentioned last week. Locke yells, "If anyone is there, can you help me?" He then tries to roll over and I think that's a really bad idea when your shin bone is sticking out of your frigging leg. I seriously want to hurl right now. For some reason, I don't mind violent gore, but this bodily ick gore just squicks me to high heaven. Locke's shinbone says "Think again, idiot," and he lets himself roll down 'til his back is on the ground. Thank goodness.

Tunisia; Night: Locke lies shivering -- trembling 'neath the stars. A pick-up truck approaches from the distance and he tries to wave it down. It speeds right up to him and nearly runs over his poor body. On the license plate there's a 342, then some Arabic script, then a 6346. Armed men, wearing keffiyehs hop out of the truck's cab and bed, scoop up Locke not at all gently, plop him down with a thud into the truck's bed, and then speed off into the night. I hope they're actually keffiyehs, because you would not believe how long it took me to Google that term.

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