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Dread Lockes

Tunisia; Day; Hospital Grounds (I guess): Locke examines a Canadian passport with his picture on it, and the name Jeremy Bentham, D.O.B. 15 Feb 48. Place of birth: New York, NY. Date of Issue: 12 Dec 07, and an expiry date ten years from then. He remarks on the name, so Widmore explains, "He was a British philosopher. Your parents had a sense of humor when they named you, so why can't I?" Is he giving Locke's mother and father too much credit? He hands Locke a wad of cash and an international phone, telling him, "If you need to reach me for anything, just press 2-3." He also gives him a folder containing the whereabouts of all the people who were on the island with Locke. He's been watching them because he's deeply invested in the island's future. He cautions Locke not to mention his (Widmore's) involvement, because he can only imagine how Ben has probably filled all their heads with lies about him. The wee Desmond sitting on my lap says, "Not to mention all the truths I've told them about the nasty blatherskite." I tell him, "Good point, Des," then pat him and put him atop my monitor, so I can look at his unique special snowflake beauty. Meanwhile, back on the TV, Locke wants to know how he should know that Widmore's not lying. Widmore says, "I haven't tried to kill you. Would you say the same for him?" A: Excellent point. B: How does he know about that? Locke too makes a salient point: "You sent a team of killers and a boatload of C4 to the island. That... doesn't exactly scream 'trust'." Widmore says that he had to remove Linus so that it could be Locke's time (to lead). "The island needs you, John. It has -- for a long time." Locke wants to know why he should be so special. Widmore simply says, "Because you are." Then a dark S.U.V. pulls onto the hospital grounds and Widmore says, "Your chariot has arrived."

Locke's not done. While examining the folder, he says, "He said I would die." Widmore's all come again, so Locke adds, "Richard Alpert. He said the only way to get them to come back was if I died." Widmore claims he doesn't know why Richard would say such a thing but says he won't let that happen. The S.U.V. driver gets out of the car and walks toward them as Locke fiddles with his paperwork. Widmore introduces him as Matthew Abaddon, and says he'll take Locke wherever he needs to go and protect him from anyone who intends to do him harm. When Locke looks up and realizes it's his old orderly, a brick falls out of his pants. I'm just saying... Abaddon clearly recognizes Locke and so Locke looks from him to Widmore, then back again, and then silently shakes his hand. Widmore helps Locke to his feet. He's still in a lot of pain. Abaddon brings over a wheel chair and the wee Locke in my desk yells, "No! Don't put me back in the chair! Don't do it. Don't get in it, TV me! We'll never get out." I hand him his wee pill, reset his wee leg, and he passes out from the wee pain, but he makes me wonder again if the flashes had some sort of sentience. TV Locke is injured because he fell down the well during a flash. Being in a chair once more has got to be powerful motivation for him to fulfill his mission and get back to the island, where he first regained the use of his legs, and where he's healed ridiculously quickly from things like seemingly fatal gunshot wounds. When TV Locke looks at the chair with trepidation, my curiosity about the flashes increases. I take out my trusty Magic 8-Ball and ask it if I'll ever get an answer to this question. The little noodge laughs at me! Harumph.

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