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Dread Lockes

We cut to Abaddon driving Locke, who is now playing the part of Miss Daisy through the Tunisian countryside. Abaddon offers his help in locating anyone Locke would like to find, but Locke orders him not to talk to him. And other than telling Abaddon that they're heading first to Santo Domingo first, their conversation ends.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; Whenever: Sayid is there, speaking Spanish and working with a Habitat for Humanity-type organization. He's wearing a bright yellow T-shirt with the logo, "Build Our World," on the back. A fellow crew member informs Sayid that he has a visitor and he turns to see John Locke, sitting there in a wheelchair, waving at him. Thank goodness he didn't fall off the roof. It takes Sayid almost no time to tell Locke he's not going back to Craphole. "For two years, I was manipulated into thinking I was protecting everyone on the island." Locke asks who was manipulating him. Sayid says, "Ben." Duh. Sayid then asks Locke who is manipulating him, and Locke says, "Ben and Widmore, and some ghostie named Jacob and some guy, I think he might be Jack's father, plus? My driver! It's just a little manipulation, Sayid. Don't let it bother you. I never do." Or perhaps he claims he's operating of his own volition, which is what the manipulated always think, because it's what the manipulators always want them to think. Locke tells Sayid he must know in his heart that they never should have left the island, but Sayid explains that if he hadn't left, he never would have been able to marry Nadia. "We spent nine months together -- the best nine months of my life, John. That's what I know in my heart." When Locke asks her current whereabouts, Sayid tells him she was murdered, and I can't find the Sayid who lives in my file cabinet, which is probably a good thing, because if I did, I'd probably just smish him. Poor lamb. Locke tears up and apologizes, so Sayid asks him why he really needs to go back. "Is it just because you have nowhere else to go?" Oh, Sayid, that was a little mean. No smishing for you. Okay, a little smishing.

Locke fidgets. He scratches his arm, then... well, did you ever see Nomar Garciaparra's pre-batting ritual? It's like that, with less standing. A look of regret sweeps across Locke's face and he says, "If you change your mind, I'll be staying under the name 'Jeremy Bentham' in L.A., at the Westerfield Hotel." Sayid invites Locke to come work with him to do some real good. Neither man seems willing to change his plans, so they bid one another farewell.

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