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Dread Lockes

New York, NY; Daytime; Whenever: Locke and Abaddon stake out a school. Locke says, "You asked if there was someone you could look up for me." Abaddon says yes. "Her name is Helen, Helen Norwood, and she was living in Los Angeles." Locke doesn't answer when Abaddon asks if Helen is an old girlfriend of his, but the awkward silence is broken by the school bell. Abaddon helps Locke out of the car and we see Walt, who is now 9.76 feet tall. Oh, my. Abaddon knows he's Michael's son, and when Walt sees Locke and comes over to him, Abaddon leaves them their privacy. Walt has been having dreams about Locke, in which he's dressed in a suit surrounded by people who want to hurt him. Walt asks if Michael's back on the island -- he hasn't talked to him in three years and figures he must have gone back. Locke measures his words long enough to let any kid catch on that they're about to hear some dissembling, then says that the last he heard, his father was on a freighter, near the island. Walt asks Locke why he came to see him. Locke considers the young man with real fondness then says he just wanted to make sure he's okay. He is, and they part. Abaddon questions Locke on not inviting Walt back to Craphole, but Locke's adamant that Walt has been through enough. Besides, I figure that Locke remembers he's seen Walt on the island when he needed him most, and that Walt's so special, he can probably poof there if need be. Anyhow, Abaddon says, "That's 0-for-2, Mr. Locke. Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought you had to bring everyone back." Locke says he only has to convince one and the rest will follow like the little lemmings they are. Okay, I added that last bit, but you know it's true. Then Locke must decide that Abaddon's crossed a line with him, because he adds, "And maybe I was mistaken, but I thought you we my driver." Yeeesh. As Locke gets into the backseat of the car, Ben watches them from across the crowded street, with as cold a look on his face as I've ever seen. Commercial.

Santa Rosa, California; Hurley's Hospital; Daytime; Whenever: Locke wheels his way over to Hurley who's sitting outside painting, which is a nice touch, because I think Jorge Garcia is pretty artistic. And of course at first, Hurley assumes Locke is dead. When Locke claims he's alive, Hurley yells over to one of the attendants, "Hey, excuse me, am I talking to a dude in a wheelchair right now?" When she confirms that he is, Hurley jumps back as if he's seeing a ghost, but I love this, because he jumps back because he's not seeing a ghost and have I mentioned I'm trying to write this with all my kids home and the youngest is sick? Yeah, well, I mention it again, because when I write something screwy like that on purpose, and read it back, it doesn't sound as screwy as I thought, when I can hear my kids in the background, trying to sing like Normund Gentle. I'm just saying. Anyhow, Locke tells Hurley he wants him and everyone to come back, but Hurley protests that Jack's a doctor now (and was before, but I like Hurley and he seems so vulnerable in that damned bathrobe that I can't really pick on him right now), Sun has her baby, and Kate has Aaron, so that's probably not going to happen. Something then catches Hurley's eye. He doesn't turn his head, but instead sits back down and tells Locke, "Dude, be cool. Don't look, but we're being watched." Locke, realizing Hurley's spotted Abaddon tries to play it off like he's "just" his driver, and that he's okay. Hugo says the dude is far from okay, "When I first got locked up in here, he showed

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