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Previously on Lost... Jack urgently needs fresh undies when he meets Carole Littleton at his father Christian's memorial service, and learns not only that daddy had an Aussie paramour, but that he -- Jack -- has/had/will have (on this show, it depends) a half-sister. She's fellow lost-away Claire Littleton, the actual mother of baby Aaron, whom Jack's sometime-lover Kate is currently passing off as her own. Thankfully, clean underthings are plentiful on the mainland, because Kate needs them too, when lawyer Dan "Angela Chase's father" Norton shows up at her door, representing an undisclosed client and bearing a court order for blood tests to (dis)prove she is the biological mother of baby Aaron, which she totally is not. I hear the casting director wanted Jordan Catalano for the role of Norton, but he insisted on a rare, fresh delicacy at the craft services table, and Lost is current weathering a hobbit scarcity.

So anyhow... Kate loads up the truck and moves to Beverly... Hills, that is -- okay, somewhere in L.A. -- all right, she doesn't actually move, she flees, and tells Aaron they're just on "vacation." They do catch a little Sun, who greets her with a smile (or a "smile", again, on this show it depends). Meanwhile, Sayid is shot with an overdose of tranquilizer darts, so Hurley brings him to his father, like Cheech ever helped anyone sober up. Cheech, at least, does not bogart the Sayid, and instead passes him to Jack. He brings Sayid around, who then asks about Hurley's whereabouts. Meanwhile, on the island, Richard tells Locke he's got to get all the escape-aways back to the island, but before he gets a good answer as to how, there's a bright light and we FLASH to the island, where Charlotte's busy with a bloody nose and a dramatic collapse, as if trying to get a straight answer out of Daniel wasn't draining enough. We fade to black as it's FINALLY time for the latest installment of Lost.

If you read the recaplet, go ahead and skip to the next paragraph. For those of you who haven't, I just want to take a moment to discuss this episode's title. "The Little Prince" pays homage to the book of the same name. And I'm sure it's meant to make us think of Aaron, but that's not where it stops. The book is about a little boy who leaves his planet to visit a bunch of others, but only finds stupid grown-ups on them, who don't even know basic things -- like that you truly see with your heart; and that you can't own something unless you care for it and it cares for you. The only way the boy can get back to his home planet is to die and leave his body behind. O HAI JOHN LOCKE!

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