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Power play

Hurley says, "Whoa," as he listens, theorizing that the broadcast must be close by. Killjoy Sayid tells him that radio waves at this frequency bounce off the ionosphere and can travel thousands of miles. I have no idea if that's true or not, but I used to be able to pick up a Boston radio station in the Yukon, so sounds good. Plus, I find it best to forget about "plausibility" when I watch this show. Sayid says the broadcast could be coming from anywhere. ["…In the eastern U.S. Not that I blame Sayid for not knowing what an initial call letter W means, but it did seem like an obvious thing for someone to acknowledge." -- Sars] "Or any time," deadpans Hurley. Sayid looks at him, before Hurley grins and says, "Just kidding, dude." Sayid barely even smiles. He's been pretty grumpy lately, but I'm going to figure that it's because Shannon died really recently, despite how far we are into the season. How nice for one of the actors to be able to keep in mind that an actual week (and sometimes two or three or four) doesn't pass on Craphole Island between episodes.

The camera pans up into the night sky, which becomes the jungle grass. Nice. Sawyer's making his way through the grass, and in my opinion not doing enough to make sure he isn't being followed. He looks around, expectantly, and Charlie, hood up, steps out of the darkness. "He never saw you, huh?" says Sawyer. "He was more worried about your sodding guns than being followed," says Charlie quietly. Sawyer holds out a Virgin Mary, saying he figured Charlie'd want his "friends" back. Charlie says that if he'd wanted them, he would have taken them before he told Sawyer where the guns were: "That's not why I did it." Sawyer wants to know why, although I'm thinking Sawyer knows exactly why and that's why he enlisted Charlie in the first place. Still, Charlie says, "I wanted him to look like a fool. To feel like a fool." Sawyer says that it looks like Locke has a "nemesis," but Charlie's more interested in making sure Sun never finds out what he did to her. You know what? You ought to be more concerned that Jin never finds out what you did to Sun. Although I presume he will at some point before the end of the season. Maybe then we'll find out what "Gun gun gun!" means. Sawyer tells him not to sweat it, that the Lostaways have bigger things to worry about now.

But they're not done: Charlie asks what made Sawyer do all this. "How does someone think of something like this?" Sawyer says, "By way of answer, watch the final flashback!"

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