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Fortunately, we're interrupted by Locke, strolling by, saying "morning," and Kate says hi, and Sawyer slyly says that Locke's a sensitive man, and Kate says Claire asked him to sleep over there, and blah blah blah, Sawyer says Locke's got needs, as do they all, and he gives Kate the ol' hairy eyeball as he says this, like how much more enjoyable was Sawyer when he was shot and unconscious all the time? "Not everyone is like you, Sawyer," says Kate, and thank god for that. "Guess that's why Ol' Jacko and Ana-Lulu didn't ask me to join their revolution," says Sawyer, and I know it's kind of late to be complaining about this, but is Sawyer actually physically incapable of, like allergic to, referring to people by their actual names? Kate doesn't know what he's talking about, and is even more confused when Sawyer asks if she doesn't know about their little army. "Guess I'm not the only one on the outs with the doc," says Sawyer, satisfied.

Elsewhere, Sayid is thankfully at least one person on the island doing some work to ensure their survival. He's cracking open coconuts, so Hurley strolls up and asks if he's going to be the lime in the coconut and drink them both up, which I would have enjoyed more were it not for that recent mind-bogglingly annoying Coca-Cola with Lime campaign. Sayid either has no idea what Hurley's on about or he's decided to just ignore it. Whichever way, works for me. He finally just asks Hurley what he wants, and Hurley tells this rambling story about being over at Rose and Bernard's tent. Bernard's a dentist, which is treated as a throwaway line but I bet it turns out to be important later. "Well, that's not all he's been holding out on us. The guy picked up Boone's signal from the Norwegian plane." Sayid corrects that to "Nigerian." "Right. Anyhow, he picked it up with this," continues Hurley, and he holds up a radio. Sayid finally actually looks in Hurley's direction, and then snorts that he's got a short-wave radio, which he calls a "glorified walkie-talkie." Hurley wonders if Sayid can't maybe "switch a blue wire with a red wire" to make it stronger. I bet Hannibal could do it. "We tried to send a signal with the plane's transceiver and all we got was the French woman's transmission on a loop. Why would I bother?" snaps Sayid, who's really pissy, maybe because of his lack of screen time lately. Also, I love the way he says "the French woman" all the time instead of "Danielle." So Hurley tries to persuade Sayid, who keeps on pounding coconuts, until finally Hugo admits that he's just trying to cheer Sayid up. "I don't need cheering up," growls Sayid, and I hate to tell Sayid that he is way wrong on that score. Hurley apologizes, and walks away, leaving the radio behind. Sayid notices it, and for a second I thought he was going to hammer it down on his coconut-cracker.

Jack strolls through the jungle. Ana catches up with him, asks him if he got the combo. Jack nods. "Nice. I didn't think it would be easy convincing your pal to give it up." Jack finally deigns to turn and look at the person speaking to him. "That's the nice thing about you people: you're not scared enough," she continues, and Jack thinks that's funny, that she would think they're not scared enough. "Same reason we can't talk anyone into joining the army. Everyone around here actually thinks they're safe," says Ana. What do you propose, instituting a terror alert level system? Target your recruitment at the poor and uneducated Lostaways? "Trust me, Ana. No one thinks we're safe," says Jack, and he starts walking again. Ana catches up again, and asks him what the combination is. Jack just stares at her, until she finally says she was just kidding. Jack smiles, but he doesn't seem to think it's all that funny; it's more like a "you peoples is driving me crazy" type of smile.

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