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Sun's working in her garden, having finally had her fill of sex with Jin, I suppose. There's rustling in the bushes, giving her pause. She goes back to work, then hears more rustling. Then she actually sees grass moving, but since not much of it is moving, it can't be Lostzilla. Maybe Lostzilla's son? Instead, it's Vincent, who leaps out of the bushes and runs around all over her garden, tail wagging furiously. Vincent knows where the garden is, hey? I think maybe they should post a guard on the garden to protect it from that fat bastard Vincent. But Sun seems happy to see him nonetheless. She speaks to him in Korean and smiles.

Then thunder rumbles, Sun looks up, and it starts pouring rain instantly. Suddenly someone jams a bag over her head, binds her wrists, and drags her away while she screams, and Vincent does nothing. I like Vincent and everything, he's quite a friendly dog. But he brings nothing to the table as far as I'm concerned. And if he doesn't start contributing something -- well, he'd be just as "friendly" with barbecue sauce and a side of slaw. I'm just saying.

Out on the beach, Sawyer's scrambling in out of the rain into his tent, and ordering Kate to do the same, but she says she's enjoying it. Sawyer drags her in anyway for some reason. Somehow, over all their nonsense, they hear Sun screaming, and they run off into the jungle towards her.

They find Sun, scratched up and unconscious, lying on the ground. Kate checks, discovers she's breathing, and Sawyer yells for her to go get Jack. He actually has to say it a couple of times, like, thanks for your help, Kate.

Sawyer carries Sun back to the beach, and Locke comes up, all concerned, wanting to know what happened. She "fell off a cliff," Locke. Sawyer takes Sun to her tent, and Jack's right there, asking if she was conscious or said anything. That's a big negatory, good buddy. Jin shows up, yelling in Korean, so Jack calms him down, telling him she's going to be all right. He asks Sawyer where he found her. "I heard her scream. Found her out in the jungle about half a click from here," he says. Kate says she was out cold and her hands were tied. "What do you mean her hands were tied?" asks Jack, even though I'm pretty sure English is his first language. "They're back," spits Ana-Lucia. Yes, and suddenly a lot more ineffectual than they have been up until now, apparently.

The tribal council is standing on the beach, and Locke's completely puzzled. "They told us they would leave us alone," he says. Yeah, how disillusioning it would be to find out they can't trust the Others. Jack snaps that the Others apparently broke their promise, but Locke is all wanting to give them the benefit of the doubt: "We don't even know what happened!" Sawyer silently watches the bickering. Ana asks Kate where they found her, and is told it was just outside her garden. "We should take a look around…with guns," says Ana-Lucia. Yeah, it's been days since she shot anybody; she must be going crazy. You know how when you read the fortune in a fortune cookie but add "…in bed" to the end of it to make it more entertaining? I think Ana-Lucia probably adds "…with guns" to the end of her sentences for the same reason: "We should go clubbing…with guns." "This week is a good time for you to make some decisions…with guns."

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