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Power play

But Locke nixes that, seemingly against Jack's wishes: "If we arm up we're just as likely to shoot each other as we are one of them." Well, Ana-Lucia is, anyway. So Jack says they'll wait for Sun to wake up and tell them what happened -- and then they're going to do something about it. "Sounds like a plan," says Locke, and the group breaks up, Ana-Lucia looking disgusted about the general unwillingness of this group to shoot people. So…if they can't take guns with them, they're not going to check out the crime scene at all? That makes a lot of sense.

Well, Kate and Sawyer will. They're walking in the jungle, discussing whether it's even worth it, since, as Kate points out, the Others usually don't leave any trail. Sawyer asks her if the whole scenario makes any sense to her: "Think about it. First off, how'd she get away? The woman doesn't weigh 100 pounds soaking wet." Kate figures that Sun was fighting for her life, and when that's the case, "people are capable of almost anything." Sawyer points out, "You couldn't get away. You versus Sun -- hot oil death match -- my money's on you, Sheena." Is that a spoiler for a sweeps episode?

Sawyer spots something hanging on a branch, and it's a hood -- just like, Kate notes, the one the Others put over her head. "No, it's not. This one's black, different weave. It's all in the details -- and they're wrong." Yes, it's odd that the feral tribe on the deserted island don't have a matching set of kidnap hoods to use, but I'm sure they get by, Sawyer. Kate seems to buy this nonsense, though: "Well, if it wasn't them, then who?" Sawyer just looks at her. She's incredulous: "What are you saying, one of us did it? Who the hell would want to go after Sun?" Sawyer says there's not much "upside" to scaring the crap out of 46 people. "Unless you're trying to con them into joining an army." And they stare at each other, without either of them answering a fairly crucial question: Exactly what does Ana-Lucia gain by having more people train with her and Jack?

Flashback to Sawyer scribbling $1,299 and $1,399 on price tags attached to some crappy necklaces. At some point, I forget when, we learn that this woman's name is Cassidy, so I'm just going to start calling her that now. She's quite the pessimist, pointing out that the necklaces are junk. "A five-year-old could tell that." Cassidy, you're coming dangerously close to figuring out what a "con" actually is. Sawyer: "They ain't going to be looking at the necklaces; they're going to be looking at the price tags. It's all in the details, Dimples." Sure thing, Stubble. Cassidy wants to know what happens if they get caught, but Sawyer says they won't, as he puts a Band-Aid on across his nose. "Anybody goes to the cops, the only thing they're going to remember is a guy that looks like he's been in a bar fight." Cassidy admits that she's a little scared. "Well, here's the good news, baby: everybody's scared. The thing they're scared of most is missing an opportunity." That's some real deep bullshit, Sawyer.

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