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Power play

Of course, Ana-Lucia doesn't exactly seem too broken up about the attack on Sun, because as she walks along the beach with Jack, she's practically gleeful about saying that after the attack a few more people are interested in joining up, and then she makes the Steve/Scott running gag mistake, which with her makes NO sense since Scott was dead long before she showed up. "The point is, after what happened people are finally willing to do something," she says. So Jack just asks point-blank where she was this morning. She says, "Lots of places," and he asks about specifically during the rainstorm. "You think I had something to do with Sun getting grabbed? Now where would you get an idea like that?" But before we can get a chance for Michelle Rodriguez to show off her "angry and confrontational" range for the first time ever, Claire (carrying Aaron) comes running up to tell Jack that Sun's awake.

Back at the tent, Jin's looking after Sun, who's trying to sit up. Jack asks about her head, if there's any pain or dizziness. Considering the huge gash on her forehead, that's a pretty safe bet. She says she remembers working in the garden when Vincent ran up. "Then it started raining, and there was a bag over my head, and I was being dragged," she says. I'd like to point out that now Vincent, suspiciously, is nowhere to be found. Jack asks how many of them there were, but Sun says she didn't see anything. Jin angrily speaks to her in Korean, and she responds, and then tells Jack in English that she kicked and fought and ran as fast as she could, but fell. Jin, again with the unsubtitled Korean, and Sun responding, and then Jin's English lessons pay off once again, as he turns to Jack and says, "Gun!" He says it three times, so maybe he wants three guns. Or maybe, in Korean, "gun gun gun" means, "Let's lose our shirts over this, not our heads."

A short ways away, Sawyer's sitting on the beach, poking at a campfire or something. Kate joins him and asks what's going on, like she wouldn't be over there herself sticking her nose in. "It looks like the good folks of Island Town are about to form a posse, get themselves armed up. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Jack didn't find that horse of yours and start leading the charge in a big white hat."

At this moment, Ana-Lucia happens to glance over at the two of them. And then there is this really kind of weird shot of Kate looking directly at the camera, and she's making a face that's some kind of cross between "I'm thinking really hard about what's going on here" and "Did Sawyer just fart?" Then she has it: "The guns. This is all her play to get her hands on the guns." She tells Sawyer that he needs to go tell Locke that the posse is saddling up and heading his way. Sawyer seems reluctant, so she says "please," and he finally looks like he's going to go.

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