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Check The Expiration Date!

It is night by the time Ben and Locke reach Jacob's house. Ben looks freaked. I think. It's hard to tell since he is always bugging out at the eyes. They cross over a line of what is that... ash? Gravel? Gunpowder? Gravlax? The line mystifies Locke and he stops to smell it. He must be a hoot at parties. Ben tells him to hurry ass up and they scoot onward.

On the beach, the Losties are having a powwow. Claire can't believe that everyone thinks they are dead. Sayid tries to point out that it is not really the point right now. Naomi is there, too, trying to figure out why no one on the Island seems to want to get rescued. Oh, Naomi. So new, so naïve. The Losties change the subject and demand to know why they didn't tell everyone about Naomi straight away. Sayid explains that they were trying to keep it a secret from Jack. Yes, Kate, he said Jack. Kate puts her bitch face on and crosses her arms. Why are they keeping it a secret from Jack? Because he spent ten days with the Others and then brought one of them into their home. Their home! And every time they try and get answers from this person he stops them. Sun interrupts Sayid's lecture to point out that it is Jack they are talking about. And Juliet? Well Sun, for one, believes she is a good person. Sayid and Sawyer exchange a pointed look, and Sawyer asks Sun what she is basing that opinion on. Would it be because Juliet took Sun on a little trip to a medical facility? Sun looks shocked and confused and asks how Sawyer knows that. Sawyer whips out the tape player and presses play. The tape announces to the entire camp that Sun is pregnant, the baby was conceived on Island, that Jin was sterile, and Kate is a whore. At the sound of his name, Jin perks up, but can't quite figure out what they are talking about. I wonder if Sun is ever going to translate that little tidbit for him. As the tape ends, a voice from the back of the crowd demands to know where they got the tape. It is, of course, Jack. He and Juliet are returning from destination unknown and apparently are feeling rather bossy. Sayid asks where they were, but Jack won't answer unless Sayid tells him where he got the tape. Sawyer points out that he is not really in any position to make demands. Juliet interrupts and tells Sawyer to turn the tape over and press play. Sawyer tells her to stay out of it, and Juliet says that they can burn her at the stake, but before they do that, he should turn the tape over. Sawyer glowers at her and then flips the tape and presses play. Ben's voice comes squeaking out of the tape player to announce that the Others are sending three teams to extract Sun the day after tomorrow. Juliet won't have time to run Austen's sample, so if she finds that Kate or anyone else is pregnant, Juliet should mark their tents. Everyone looks appropriately appalled and stares at Juliet in disgust. Juliet steps up and announces, "The night I saw your baby on the ultrasound, I told Jack what they were making me do." Sayid (who has truly mastered the art of quietly simmering dismay and frustration) asks Jack, "Why didn't you tell us?" Jack replies, "Because I hadn't decided what I wanted to do yet." Sayid looks at him coldly and asks, "Yet?" Jack answers, "I think we have some catching up to do." While I am thrilled at the sense of impending information sharing, I really hate Jack right now. In fact, if he doesn't shape up soon I am going to start calling him Scrotum, because he is right in between being a prick and an asshole.

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