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Magic Is Afoot!

Locke is trying to sleep while handcuffed to a pipe in the basement at Other U. Ben comes in and tells Locke that he really did it this time. Locke is unimpressed and tells Ben that he can stop pretending to be disappointed. They both know that Ben wanted Locke to blow up the sub. That's why he left the c4 in Sayid's bag. Ben tells Richard (the real Richard this time) to un-cuff him. Ben asks Locke if he is going to do anything stupid. What? John Locke? Do something stupid? Never! Ben asks if Locke remembers earlier when he called him a cheater? Well, there he was earlier, shaking hands with Jack, trying to figure out a way to keep Jack from leaving the Island. "To let him go would be a sign of weakness or defeat. But to kill him would also be cheating. Because my people heard me make a promise and I couldn't break a promise. That would be the end of me, too. Then you came out of the jungle to make my dreams come true." Little blue birds and butterflies float between Ben and Locke, forming a heart in the air. They share a soda with two straws and run hand-in-hand down the beach. Then John totally ruins the mood by asking if Ben is going to start talking about the magic box again. Heh. Ben is offended, but says, "No, I am going to show you what was in it." Ooh, magic box!

As Ben, Locke, and Richard roll down the basement hallway, Ben tells Locke that he misunderstood earlier when he asked Locke if it hurt when he broke his back. He realizes that breaking his back by smashing into a hard surface after getting thrown out a window must have smarted. But what he really wanted to know is if it hurt more because his dad was the one who did it? Wow, Ben, you got some mad people skills. Locke turns to stare at Ben. Ben continues reaching out to the man who made his dreams come true: "He's why you blew up the submarine. You're afraid of him aren't you? This is the one place he can't get you. You have some communion with this Island, and that makes you very, very important. You have no idea what you are talking about, but you will." Ooh! Will we have some idea what he is talking about, too? That would be swell. Ben wants to help Locke. Why? Because Ben is in a wheelchair and Locke's not. Locke looks confused, but Ben asks if he is ready to see what was in the Magic Box. Richard unlocks door and opens it for Locke. Locke looks inside expectantly. And, oh my god, it's a polar bear! And a unicorn! Holding hands! Okay, it's not a polar bear and a unicorn, it's Locke's dad. He is bound, beaten, and gagged and does not look happy to be there.

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