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Magic Is Afoot!

Kate. Cannot. Believe. What. She. Is. Seeing. She is loading her gun with many bullets. Sayid asks her what her plan is -- just go in and start shooting? She says that they came to rescue Jack and that is exactly what they are going to do. Sayid can't help but point out that obviously the circumstances have changed. Maybe he doesn't want to be rescued. Kate refuses to hear that. She starts angrily poking him in the shoulder and saying That. Is. Not. Jack! The Others have done something to him! They drugged them when they were captured. Sayid says that he didn't appear to be drugged. Hey, don't discount those sports-related endorphin rushes, Sayid. Kate has stopped poking his shoulder, but sprays him full in the face while pointing out that they kidnapped him, held him prisoner, and he wouldn't forget that. Don't make me poke you, Sayid! Sayid says say it, don't spray it, girlfriend, and that he agrees, but until they know why Jack is acting like that, he feels that maybe they would be putting their lives at risk for someone who doesn't want to be rescued. Kate pulls her pack more firmly onto her shoulder and says that they are not leaving him. Sayid says they may not have a choice. Locke, who is calmly sitting on a stump carving something with his big knife, blurts, "It's Jack!" Uh, John? We know. Locke explains that the first time he saw him, Jack was risking his life pulling people out of a burning airplane. "If he's shaking hands with the Others, he probably has a good reason. We just have to go in there and find out what it is." Sayid wants to know what he suggests. Locke says they should wait until dark, approach Jack when he is alone, and get him out if he wants out. Kate is shooting daggers at Sayid throughout Locke's speech. Girl can hold a grudge like no one!

Locke is depressed. We know this because he is eating alone in a darkened one-room apartment IN FRONT OF THE TELEVISION. What could drive a man to such extremes? Obviously he is seconds away from doing himself in. This Hopper-esque tableau is interrupted by a knock on the door. Locke opens the door to a clean-cut young man who asks if his name is John Locke. Locke points at his no solicitors sign and starts to close the door. The young man explains that he is not a solicitor. He is a Jehovah's Witness. Just kidding! His name is Peter Talbot, and he needs to talk to Locke about his mother, who is in danger. Locke says that he has the wrong John Locke and starts to shut the door again. Peter asks him how many kidneys he has. That puts a kibosh on the door shutting as Locke stares at the kid. Inside the apartment, Locke is mixing up some instant coffee. Apparently depressed people don't bother to buy whole bean. Quick, get the Starbucks marketing department on this untapped demographic! Peter is explaining that his mother agreed to marry the guy just two months out of the gate. Love at first sight. His name is Adam Seward. He is a retired computer entrepreneur from Ontario. Something about him made Peter nervous, and he had to check him out. What does this have to do with Locke? Well, it has to do the fact that Locke donated a kidney to him back when his name was Anthony Cooper. Peter shows Locke a photo and, sure enough, it's Locke's scheming, con artist, kidney-stealing father. Locke does not look happy. No he does not. Peter continues by saying that all he could find about Anthony Cooper were his medical records. He figures that if someone gave the guy a kidney, how bad could the guy be? Locke runs his hand through his non-existent hair, swallows, and flat out lies to the kid. He claims that it was an anonymous donation and that he never met him. Peter doesn't believe it and asks if he is sure. Yeah, Locke is sure. Surely a big fat liar! Way to wuss out. If you had a therapist, she would be really disappointed in you.

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