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Magic Is Afoot!

After nightfall, Jack and Juliet walk slowly up to Jack's cabin. They are giggling and throwing some serious body language around. Locke is watching them from the bushes. Kate grabs the binoculars from his hands and stares in disgust. It's all bit pervy if you ask me. They regroup, and Locke sets a plan of attack that makes Kate go in first. It's better if she is the first one he sees. Yeah, ladies first! Especially when heading into enemy territory. They put their hands together, yell, "Go Team Spirit!," and run off in separate directions. Kate rambos up to the door of the cabin with Sayid guarding her back. She tries the door handle and seems surprised to find it unlocked. She creeps down the hallway, gun at the ready, and walks towards the lilting and dulcet tones of the piano that are echoing through the halls. She drops her weapon when she notices that Jack is playing the melancholy tune. As the song ends, he finally notices her. He looks surprised. Then he looks happy. Finally, he looks miffed. (Someone's been studying his Facial Expression 101 textbook again!) He stands up and tells her to get out of there right now. She looks hurt. He tells her to get out because They are watching him. He points at the giant video camera mounted to the ceiling that is focused right on her. Get out right now. She doesn't listen. She is explaining that they are not leaving without him when the Others bust in, guns ablazin', and point them at her head. Jack tells them not to hurt her. The Others ignore this and Kate yells "OW!" as they throw her face first onto the ground. They bring Sayid in with his arms tied behind his back. The Others stand over their prisoners and demand to know who else is with them. Kate has apparently decided that her best option is to yell for Jack. A lot. Even though he is standing right next to her. Jaa-ck! Jack! Jaaa-ck! Jack! Jack! Jaaa-ck! Jaa-ck! Jack! Jaaa-ck! Jack! Jack! Jaaa-ck! Jack tells her to answer the question. Kate stares at Sayid and then says that they are alone. That it is just them. Sayid looks relieved, but probably just because she stopped yelling for Jack.

Ben is asleep in his hospital bed. He hears a noise. He looks around and sees nothing. As he turns the light on, he calls for Alex. But it's not Alex; it's Locke. With a gun. Ben says hello. Then he says that Locke does not need the gun, that he will tell him where Jack is. Locke says that he is not there for Jack. Are we surprised? No, we are not surprised. Locke is there for the submarine. We are a bit surprised. We don't read spoilers. Ben claims he doesn't know what John is talking about. He don't know no stinkin' submarine. Locke says he wants the submarine. The one that they use to get back and forth from the Island. The one Mikhail told him about right before he killed him. He won't take no for an answer. Ben says, "Oh that submarine!" He looks surprised, but his surprise turns to panic when he hears Alex calling him. She wants to know who he's talking to. He tells her not to come in. Locke opens the door and pulls her in. This interruption is interrupted with a knock on the door. The voice at the door asks Ben if he is awake. Locke covers Alex's mouth, points the gun at her, tells Ben to tell her to be quiet, which he does, and then Locke drags Alex into the closet with him. The voice at the door says he (it?) is coming in. The voice belongs to Tom. He tells Ben that they have captured Austin and Jarrah. Somehow they found them. Tom asks if Ben wants help getting up, but Ben says no. He wants them separated so they can find out how they found The Barracks. What about Juliet and Shepard? Tomorrow they're supposed to... Ben cuts him off and tells him to let him worry about that. Then he asks Tom to bring him the Man from Tallahassee, except that he definitely called Tom "Richard." So now I have no idea what his name is. Tom is easier to type, though, so Tom it is! Tom wants to know what they need him for, but Ben is not in the mood for explaining and tells Tom to just bring him. As Tom leaves, Locke busts out of the closet. The Man from Tallahassee? What is that, code? "No, John, unfortunately we don't have code for there is a man in my closet with a gun to my daughter's head. Although we obviously should." Hee! Nice work, writers! I like it when such a Serious show is funny. Locke wants Sayid's pack, and he wants Alex to go get it. Ben says that since Alex currently hates him, holding him hostage is not such a threat. Alex cuts him off, glares at him, and says she will go get the pack. Aw, fathers and their teenage daughters. So cute!

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