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Magic Is Afoot!

Kate is tied up on the pool table in the student union at Other U. She is pulling the trick of rocking back and forth until she can slide her arms under her and has her cuffed hands in front. I really should learn that trick, because if I ever get stuck on a desert island or in one of Kate's flashbacks, it could really come in handy. Tom busts her just as she is finishing up her tricky maneuver. Tom says hello and that he didn't expect to see her so soon. He brings in his old football buddy Jack, telling him to be careful in there. He then makes a weird swirling gesture with his finger that could mean either "You are being recorded," or "I'm totally bananas!" He leaves before we find out which it is. Jack pulls out a chair, spins it around, and sits man style to show Kate he means business. He asks if they hurt her. She says no and asks if they hurt him. He says no. She wants to know what all this is. He explains that this is where they live. She uses her cuffed hands to flick him in the forehead for being such a butthead. She asks about the people they took. The children? What about the children! He says everyone is fine. Kate snorts and glares at Jack, saying, "So, you're with them now?" Jack says he is not with anyone. I suddenly get the impression that they are not talking about the Others in general, but about one Other in particular. Is Jack telling Kate that he is not making the googly eyes with Juliet? Are we in fourth grade? Is this the rec room at Camp Shadyacres? Did Jack totally help Juliet with her lanyard during arts and crafts even though he gave Kate his life jacket during the boat races which everyone knows means they are going out? Like, oh my god, Jack! Now you'll never find anyone to go to Final Campfire with you!

Kate shakes her head in disgust and wants to know what did they do to him. Jack says that they haven't done anything to him. He told her not to come back for him. Kate didn't think he meant it. This gets old Waterworks Jack going, and he blinks back tears and completely ruins his manly football-playing facade. Kate gets up from the pool table, grabs his hand, then both hands, and then gets on her knees (get your mind out of the gutter!) and asks, "What did they do to you Jack?" He says that he made a deal with them. They are going to let him go. She looks confused. Go? Go where? He says home. When? First thing in the morning. He can leave and go get help -- it's their best chance. Kate can't believe that Jack would trust them. Frankly, neither can I. Jack says that he trusts them because Kate told him to. Oh, right. It's her fault. Saint Jack, your halo is officially revoked. Kate looks incredibly confused. Jack explains that he had to trust them when Kate asked him to save Sawyer's life. Kate looks upset and demands to know what they told him. Oh I don't know, Kate, maybe that you tossed some pity sex at Sawyer? Maybe they told him that? Are you going to deny it? 'Cause they have that throwdown on tape and, I don't know how to tell you this, but it is ALL over the Internet. At this point, Juliet barges in like the possessive fourth grade girlfriend that she is and says, "We need to go." Jack says he will be right there. Juliet looks pissy and says she will meet him behind the dining hall in five minutes or else she is totally giving him his JV jacket back. As she shuts the door, Jack gets up and says to Kate, "I asked you not to come back for me, and I wish you hadn't." He then bends over and whispers in her ear, "I will come back for you." Then he leaves her. Handcuffed and crying and potentially facing death. Yeah, Kate, he's a winner.

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