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Magic Is Afoot!

Locke and his Love Bug pull into a parking lot in Flashback Place. He pulls out a bag of groceries and makes his way across the lot only to be stopped by two cops. They want to know if he knows a guy named Peter Talbot. Locke reveals himself to be a really crap liar by looking shiftily from side to side, sweating, wiping his hands on his pants, rocking back and forth, and saying, "Um, no. I don't believe I do." The guy cop describes Peter Talbot, but Locke still says no, he doesn't know him. The girl cop says maybe it would help if I told you he was in your apartment a few days ago? Locke claims the kid was a solicitor, and the cop laughs. Peter Talbot's family is worth approximately two hundred million dollars, so what exactly was he selling? And why would your name and number be in his pocket? Locke ignores that question and instead asks why they were looking through Peter Talbot's pockets? Because Peter Talbot is dead.

Back on the Island, Locke is looking out the window. Ben is doing that irritating talking thing again. He is explaining his feelings about how frustrating it was being in the Hatch with Locke, watching him walk around, knowing he had no business being on his feet. He couldn't even ask him about it without revealing who he was. Yeah, Ben, being a scheming evil genius sure has its downside. Locke says go ahead and ask me now. Ben asks if he could walk the second he got on the Island. Locke says it was immediate. Ben can't believe it. Locke looks at Ben, reading into the meta-message of Ben's questions, and opines that Ben is wondering why it hasn't happened to him. He's not recovering as quickly as he'd like. How long has it been since the operation? How did he get sick in the first place? Doesn't the Island like him anymore? Ben is determined to out-mindfreak him, so he ignores the questions and asks Locke if he wants to blow up the submarine so that he won't ever have to leave the Island again? Locke smirks and asks if Ben has anything to eat. Nothing like subtle mind games and psychological drama to work up an appetite!

Sayid is tied up in the playground. Alex walks up to fetch Sayid's pack for Locke. She and Sayid exchange some eye contact. The Other on Duty asks what she is doing there, she explains, and gets the bag. As she leaves, Sayid calls out, "You're Alex aren't you?" She wants to know how he knows her name. Sayid calmly replies, "You look like your mother." Alex explains that her mother is dead. Sayid laughs and says, "I'm sure that's what they told you." Then Sayid gets smacked down by the Other on Duty and another Other earns his SAG card by telling Sayid to keep his mouth shut. Alex looks bothered as she grabs the pack and heads off. Can I just say: Yay! Someone on this show actually passed on helpful information to someone else on this show! Sayid gets a gold star for Communication. Go to the head of the class!

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