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Magic Is Afoot!

Alex finally gets back to Ben's house. She hands the pack over and says that there was no trouble getting it. Locke tells Ben that Alex is going to take him to the sub. Ben says she has done enough and that he should take him. Locke says whatever, Wheels, I don't want you slowing me down. He grabs Alex and is about to run out the door when Ben tells him that there is something he should know. He and Jack had a deal, and Jack is supposed to leave the Island in an hour on that sub. It's a one-way ticket because the anomaly wiped out their communications, and they have no way of contacting the outside world. So once the sub leaves, it is not coming back. Whether or not Locke blows up the submarine, the end result is the same. Um, yeah, except that he doesn't get to blow up a sub! Where's the fun in that? Locke grabs Alex and heads out, leaving Ben to sulk.

Outside, Alex is totally mad at her dad. She tells Locke that Ben is manipulating him. It's what he does. He gets people to think things are their idea when they are his. It's what he does. Locke promises to remember that. Alex points him to the submarine that is perfectly parallel parked at a dock. Locke apologizes to Alex for involving her in this. She doesn't seem to care. Rousseau, however, really, really cares as she watches Alex from the bushes. What is up with these people and lurking in the bushes? It is really creepy. And how are these two going to meet anyway? Maybe Rousseau can put an "I Saw You" ad in the Craphole Island Times. "You cute Island teen with dark hair and attitude walking with crazed bald man on a mission. Me in bushes. Watching. Coffee?" Locke boards the submarine and runs around looking all Crimson Tide/Hunt for Red October/Operation Petticoat/every submarine movie you have ever seen. He definitely has a plan.

Ben is putting the chicken back in the refrigerator. Salmonella sucks! Botulism never! Jack busts in without knocking or anything. He's so manly. Jack knows that Ben doesn't owe him anything, but he has to ask him to let his friends go. Ben is shocked that Jack wouldn't bother knocking. Ben wants to know that if he says no, will Jack stay? Jack says yeah. Um, what? You would stay? Oh, Saint Jack. Welcome back! Here's your halo and harp. Oh, you prefer the piano? I'll get that for you right away, Your Holiness. Ben thinks for a second and then agrees, because Jack's friends are there to rescue him, but since he is rescuing himself there is no point in keeping them around. Um, what? Ben, you missed your calling. With that unique ability to reason, you definitely should have been a lawyer. Jack asks for his word, and Ben shakes on it. Anyway, Ben says he will let them go just as soon as Jack as has left the Island. He totally has his fingers crossed because he knows that Locke is blowing up the submarine and no one is leaving the Island. He is such an evil genius! Juliet is standing there, watching the exchange. Ben says this is goodbye and Juliet thanks him for keeping his promise. She looks teary eyed. Ben looks sad, but really, if Ben had done his background research, he would have known that Juliet was a total doctor hag and would ditch him as soon as she found a nice doctor to cling on to. Hello, doesn't he watch ER? She and Jack wave goodbye and head off to their happy ending in the sunset. Right? Right?

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