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Magic Is Afoot!

As Juliet and Jack walk down to the sub with an entourage of armed men, Locke has the misfortune of coming up the path at the exact same time and getting nabbed. He puts his hands up and gets on his knees, looking up at Jack a bit sheepishly. Jack wants to know what Locke is doing there, but Locke doesn't answer and just says, "I'm sorry." Jack wants to know what Locke is sorry for, but his question is answered by the freakin' giant explosion at the submarine. Oh, Locke. There is a cabin in Montana with your name on it. Jack gets all crazy-eyed and just stares at Locke while the Other entourage looks on in shock. Don't they know that Locke is batshit crazy? Well I guess they do now.

Locke is pounding on the door of an apartment. Evil Daddy answers the door. Locke is demanding to know what he did, if Evil Daddy had anything to do with the death of Peter Talbot. He was on to Evil Daddy, and Locke told him, and the next thing he knows is that Peter is dead. Evil Daddy says, "Moi?" He just can't believe that John would think such a think about him. He's been doing the con artist thing for a long time -- he's a professional! He's not going to get nervous about some kid. Locke doesn't buy it. Why is Evil Daddy still here when Locke told him to leave? Evil Daddy decides to come clean. He didn't end it with the lady, because he was looking for an angle, a way to make some money. Then Peter died, and everything went to hell. Evil Daddy needs a drink. He crosses the room to get his Scotch. It must be hard for a con man to talk about losing so much money. The woman he was going to marry is devastated by Peter's death. So devastated that she called off the wedding. He says there is no money in it anymore. The woman just wants to be alone. Locke is not really buying it. He can't believe that she called off the wedding. He asks, "If I called her right now is that what she would tell me?" Evil Daddy gestures towards the phone with his cocktail and says, "The phone is right over there, John." Locke walks over to make the call when, holy crap!, Evil Daddy dive tackles him and knocks him out the window! It's like eight stories! He lands right on his back. Locke is toast! Man, that is one Evil Daddy! And, wow, do those windows suck!

Locke is in the hospital. He is battered and bruised and bandaged. He is not, however, dead. I guess that would have been a bit of a challenge even for these writers. The cops are at John's hospital bed. They tell him his father is gone. After their encounter (is that copspeak for "throwing your son out a window"?), he fled to Mexico and disappeared. He could be anywhere in the world. The physical therapist kicks the cops out saying that John has work to do. "Work" is apparently codeword for getting used to being in a wheelchair. The physical therapist is definitely a tough love type of guy. When Locke says he doesn't want to get out of bed, the PT says that he doesn't remember asking. He tells Locke that it takes people a while to get used to the chair but Locke will do just fine. Locke says he can't do it. The PT points out that he fell eight stories and survived. There is nothing he can't do. Despite Locke's protestations, he picks him up and puts him in the chair. As the PT leaves to do something, Locke sits in the chair and cries to himself. Sad.

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