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Digging in the dirt
This episode opens with a close-up, not of someone's eyes, but of that hole in the middle of an acoustic guitar. I've been playing guitar for ten years, so you'd think I'd know the name of that hole, but I only know it as that blasted place that I'm always dropping picks into. The camera then pans up to the frantic eyes of Charlie, who's doing his best to strum some chords. He's having trouble, though, what with the profuse sweating that I'm assuming has to do with heroin withdrawal. Even worse, his nail polish is chipped beyond repair. Locke strolls up and suggests they go for a walk. Charlie declines, but Locke insists, because he says the fresh air will do Charlie good. Whuh? All they have there is fresh air. I bet Locke just can't help himself from wanting to use his rejuvenated legs as often as possible. Next up: he organizes a soccer game and karate tournament.

On the beach, Jack has found the front and side mug shots of Kate, which appear to be printed on a piece of paper, and he's studying them when she says, from behind him, "I take better pictures than that." Is she coming on to him? "Smaller, too, if you want something for your wallet." I don't know about Jack, but sign me up (even though I feel misled by Dan Kwa's recaps, because the first time I watched an episode, I was dismayed to discover that Kate Beckinsale was not, in fact, in the cast). Jack claims he just came back for a few things and the picture was in with his stuff. Rather than explain it (and he doesn't ask), she asks him if he's really leaving the beach for the cave. "Call me a broken record, but caves are natural shelter, and a hell of a lot safer than living here on the beach." She thinks he's "mad" at her. He says he's not, but he doesn't understand why she won't come with him, which he quickly corrects to "us," and then we rehash that argument from last week over whether they're more likely to get rescued if they're on the beach or whatever. "Sayid has a plan," she says, and then we get some semi-awkward exposition about Sayid trying to triangulate the distress signal -- the one that's been running for 16 years, Jack helpfully reminds Kate -- to find its source. "The woman that left it, she wasn't rescued," he says. "What makes you think it's going to be any different for us?" "I believe it," she says. Well, that don't necessarily make it fuckin' so, says Jack, only he phrases it thusly: "Well, I wish I shared your faith." And Sawyer saunters up and makes a crack about wishing he could share a few things with Kate his own self. He's there because he heard Jack was "vacating the premises," and he figured he'd lay claim to Jack's apparently prime piece of beachfront property before anyone else did. "I can fix this place up real good. Might even find someone to share it with me," he says, looking at Kate, who's too busy throwing smouldering looks at Jack's departing back to notice. Oh, Jackie, we crashed and you led us to safety. But now you're walking away, oh Jackie...

Now we're in the jungle with Charlie, which is enough to give me a flashback to 'Nam. Locke is nowhere to be found, like nice walking partner he is, and Charlie's whispering, "Locke?" because he's scared. Rustling and snarling noises from the bush, so naturally Charlie says, "Locke, is that you?" I can't see how any of these crash survivors are going to manage to live more than a day or two in the bush if they continue to display such an incredible inability to distinguish human noises from, you know, WILD FUCKING BOARS, but never mind, because the boar now appears to be charging him, and Charlie manages to combine the Thousand-Yard Stare of Impending Flashback with a 100-metre dash, which is quite a feat.

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