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Digging in the dirt

Inside the Pratcave, Charlie uses his special rock-god powers (you know, pushing) to get the big stone off of Jack. And now Jack's shoulder is dislocated, or maybe it was all along but he didn't know with the rock on him or whatever. At any rate, Charlie's going to have to pop it back in, and there's a little bit of "I can't" and "yes you can" back-and-forthing between the two of them and finally Charlie yanks on Jack's arm and Jack yells like a little baby, and then I'm all, wind chimes? Because we hear wind chimes, and I couldn't believe that the people who'd been in this cave before bothered to put up wind chimes, but then we are of course flashing back again with Charlie, who's now knocking on someone's door.

And that someone is Liam, who apparently didn't die of an overdose. Thing is, though, he looks exactly the same as the drug-using Liam, only now he's wearing a sweater and glasses (signifying sobriety, I guess, while Charlie's oversized sunglasses signify that he's been a total junkie since we last saw him, since there's not really enough time to get into it over the course of an hour-long episode). Liam's quite chuffed to see Charlie, who pretends this visit to Sydney is just a friendly one -- but then Charlie explains that he's set up a reunion tour for the band, eight weeks of touring (opening for some band called "Meat Coat"? The hell? I propose that the person with Lost who's in charge of coming up with these fictional band names be fired immediately), first gig in L.A. But Liam, who's playing with his daughter in his suburban backyard, ain't interested. Not now that he's wearing glasses and a sweater, anyway. "Charlie, I don't want to come back," he says. Charlie tells him that the promoters won't book Driveshaft without Liam. "So I'm asking," he says, taking off his sunglasses for that extra-beseeching look, "as a brother, the way you asked me." But Liam ain't havin' it. "You were with me the night I missed Meghan's birth. You were the one I was stumbling around Dresden with trying to find a sodding fix." And it takes Liam, a former user, a really long time to pick up on Charlie's jitteriness before he accuses him of still using, and saying that Charlie was supposed to get help. "You did this to me! It was about the music!" yells Charlie, and adds that Liam took the music away from him. Liam finally seems to recognize that he's being something of a hypocrite, and asks Charlie to stay with him and Karen for a few weeks so he can get some help. Charlie gets up to stomp off and Liam yells that he's just looking out for him. "You never looked out for me!" yells Charlie, turning to look at Liam, who does a nice job of looking hurt and shamed at the same time. I mean, from what we've seen, it's certainly true, innit?

Back in the Pratcave, Charlie's still jittery and sweaty. Not any more than how we've seen him before, but perhaps now that Charlie's all covered in dirt and in a dark cave, Jack can finally pick up on the signs. "How long has it been, Charlie?" says Jack, who apparently studied Lenny Briscoe's technique for delicately broaching the subject of substance abuse with obvious addicts. Charlie at first pretends not to know what he's talking about, but then realizes there's not much point. "Almost a day and a half," he says. Jack asks how the withdrawal's going, if he's having any hallucinations. Charlie jokes that other than the conversation he had with Jack in the jungle about an hour ago, not really. "I could have helped you through this," says Jack, but Charlie says Jack thinks he's useless and a junkie to boot. "Useless? You're not useless," says Jack, who points out that it took a lot of guts for Charlie to come through that tunnel to get Jack. "I won't forget that," says Jack. I love that Jack's example of why Charlie is useful is that he tried to rescue…Jack.

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