The Moth

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Digging in the dirt

And just as Charlie starts to delve into how the cave reminds me of a confessional, he hears the soft beating of tiny wings. There's a moth, right behind Jack. Jack doesn't appear to hear or see it, although he never specifically says so. Charlie follows the moth up into a recess in the ceiling, and he begins to dig.

Outside, Kate's clearing out the collapsed-once-already tunnel, even as Mercutio tries to get her to take a break (this after we've seen a couple of shots to indicate how exhausted everyone else is, just so we're clear about how intent Kate is here). Kate just glares at him and keeps going. Shut up, Mercutio! She's a good digger!

Instead, Charlie keeps scrabbling. He can see light! And hey, now he's crawling along a human-sized tunnel that they didn't notice before! And now, here's his hand breaking through the earth all "Thriller"-video into the fresh air and sunshine.

Apparently Charlie and Jack stopped for a shower on their way back to the cave-in, because when they show up for hugs -- Kate for Jack, Hurley for Charlie; life still ain't fair, even though Charlie gets a "Dude, you rock!" from Hurley ("rock"? We get it. No, seriously. We get it) when Jack credits him for finding the way out -- they're much cleaner than they were in the cave, even before they went crawling through the earth to freedom. I'm sure Andy Dufresne wouldn't mind knowing how they did that.

And that's the end of that chap-- oh, wait. Sayid's little triangulation plan, which I'm sure has about as much chance of success as any given Gilligan's Island scheme. He says a little prayer ("allahu akbar") and fires off his bottle rocket. On the beach, Shannon is holding forth on how stupid Malibu guys are (I'm not kidding) with some no-name survivor who is mute and therefore can only point at the bottle rocket going off in the background. Either that or "Scott" and "Steve" selfishly blew the speaking-lines-for-extras budget with their mini-Abbott and Costello routine earlier. Shannon swears a whole lot and then shoots off her rocket as well. Sayid sees it, and waits for Kate's. When we see it go off as well (without showing us whether Sawyer lit it or someone else), Sayid excitedly grabs the transceiver and starts whatevering with it. He locks on to a signal, but before he can figure anything out, he's struck on the back of the head with a stick by an assailant we can't see, and he falls to the ground, out cold. Commercials.

Night has finally come, with everyone gathered around the spring for cocktails. Hurley brings Charlie some water, then asks if he's okay, because he doesn't look so good, but Jack jumps in waaaaay too quickly and says a couple of times, not suspiciously or anything, that Charlie's got the flu. Hurley calls him "man" a few more times before leaving. Charlie looks gratefully at Jack, then spies Locke. "I think I'm going to stretch my legs," he tells Jack, and heads off toward Locke. Martin, who appears to have been unaffected by the cave-in and near-deaths of a couple of the survivors, tells his dad that this place is "cool" and wants to know if they can stay there. Mercutio's response is to turn and look at Sun for a long moment, who sees him looking and holds his gaze. It's nice that Mercutio is really getting the whole "attentive father" thing down, isn't it?

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