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Digging in the dirt

Kate has ripped up a bunch of grubby old rags into what she calls a sling for Jack, and naturally he's quite pleased, since she is I guess proving her usefulness by providing something for him. She gently gets all "told you so" on the subject of cave safety, but he says the collapse was just a fluke, since Mercutio checked out the integrity of the rest of the caves and gave them the big ol' thumbs-up, and I hate to spoil the party, Jack, but can I just point out that there were TWO cave-ins, which makes it more than a fluke, and Mercutio was also the guy overseeing the construction of the tunnel that collapsed, so pardon me if I don't move all my shit into the Collapsing Caverns in the middle of Giant Boar Acres, fresh water or no, okay? Kate's heading back to the beach, because she wants to find out if Sayid's plan worked, because then they'd be -- "one step closer to getting off this island," he finishes for her, and then they kind of avoid looking at each other. You know, you two could still have sex even if you got off the island, you idiots. Well, Kate might be in jail. Still, there's always conjugal visits. He thanks her for the sling again, and she gazes lustily at him as she says, "You're welcome," and still he doesn't move in for the kiss. Moron.

Locke is...brushing the boar with...a leafy branch, or something, and I can't imagine what he might be doing other than infusing the boar with some chlorophyll or something, and this whole Locke-the-King-of-the-Jungle thing is really starting to get to me. Charlie comes up and asks for his drugs again. "Give them to me," he says. Locke gives him a hard look. "This is the third time," he says, IN CASE ANYONE FORGOT. Everyone following along? Great. "I've made my choice," says Charlie, so Locke gives him the drugs, which Charlie stares at, and then, to everyone's utter surprise, I'm sure, throws on the fire. Locke smiles. "I'm proud of you, Charlie. Always knew you could do it." Charlie hears wings flapping again, and looks up. And there's another goddamn moth, flapping up into the night sky. Ironically, the higher the moth flies, the lower I'm grading this episode. For a show that's seemed to enjoy leaving a lot up to the viewer, this ep was a whole lot of hand-holding, wasn't it?

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