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Charlie's in confession, but it's not like it usually is on television, where a character is going for the first time in years; Charlie says it's been a week since his last confession, which makes him a good Catholic. What makes him not quite such a good Catholic is his confession to the priest that he had physical relations last night with a girl he didn't even know. "Anything else?" says the priest. Yeppers, says Charlie. "Right after that, I had...relations with another girl. And straight after that I watched while they had...relations with each other." The priest says, "Let me know exactly when I'm supposed to start feeling sorry for you, my son." No, wait, that was me. "You see, it's my band, Father, Driveshaft," says Charlie, like maybe the priest will have heard of them or something. Charlie explains that they've been playing the clubs in Manchester. "And we've been getting some heat...a following. And, you know, the girls! There's some real temptations that come with the territory, if you know what I mean." The priest says they all have temptations. True, Father; it's just that some people's temptations are cooler than others. "But giving in to them, that's your choice," he says. Make a note of that there, that choice thing. It figures prominently this ep. "As we live our lives, it's really nothing but a series of choices, innit?" Charlie says he's made his choice, and that he's going to quit the band. You know, for a guy who's in a band named Driveshaft, he seems a little bit too concerned about the availability of groupie sex.

Anyway, he leaves the confessional, dips his fingers in the holy water and crosses himself. Then he hears what sounds like insouciant and possibly sacrilegious tapping! Sure enough, in one of the front pews is someone stretched out, feet up, drumming his hands. This is Liam, whom Charlie chastises, which earns him a "relax, choirboy." Liam's brought "tidings of great joy" -- specifically, a recording contract. "You're going to be a rock god!" Charlie just stares, half thrilled, half frightened.

Back in the jungle, Charlie is 100 percent frightened, what with the wild boar running him down and all. But just before the boar shish kebabs him, it's caught up in some net trap, and Locke pokes his head out from the nearby brush. "Nice work, Charlie!" he yells. "You make excellent bait." Holy shit, that is not cool. Charlie gives him a surprisingly hard-looking glare for a guy who looks like he weighs all of about sixty pounds. "I'm glad I could oblige," he spits. "Now give me my bloody drugs." Locke just looks at him, but I'm thinking that after using Charlie for boar bait, the least Locke can do is hook him up.

You know, it's been several episodes now, and that creepy silent floating "LOST" graphic still gives me the chills.

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