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Digging in the dirt

Charlie demands his drugs from Locke, saying that he needs them. "And yet, you gave them to me," notes Locke, which pisses Charlie off: "And I bloody well regret it! I'm sick, man! Can't you see that?" And Locke says Charlie is stronger than he thinks, and Locke's going to prove it; he says he'll let Charlie ask for his drugs three times, and on the third time, Locke will give them to him. Ohhhhh-kaaaay... "Just so we're clear, this is one." Charlie wants to know why Locke is doing this, and why not just throw the drugs away, and then the audio must have gone all screwy on my television, because I did not hear Locke say, "Annoying plot device." Instead, he gives Charlie a bunch of guff about how if he threw the drugs away then Charlie wouldn't have any choice, and making choices instead of just acting on instinct is what separates us from the animals. Fortunately, Locke has just captured an animal, towards which he can point with one of his knives. Charlie just glares at Locke's sanctimonious bald head. Maybe someone can clue Locke in to what addiction actually is before he starts spouting off on choices.

Over on Science Lesson Beach, Sayid is jamming a makeshift antenna in the sand, and it miraculously stands up. He's got two more, one of which he'll take into the jungle, the other one Kate will take, and they'll stake out a triangle about two kilometres per side. If the distress signal is coming from somewhere within the triangle, Sayid will be able to pinpoint it. Oh, but there's a contrivance -- I mean, a "problem." The batteries are dry, or something, so they'll only have a minute or so for the whaddayacallit, so everybody has to be in position before they start whatevering to find the source of the distress. Boone wants to know how they're supposed to know when they're all in position. Sayid reaches into a bag and pulls out -- much to Kate's skepticism -- bottle rockets. "Thank god for fireworks smugglers," says Sayid. Smugglers? What is this, The Hardy Boys? Anyone get the feeling that whenever the Lost gang has something they're not really supposed to, the explanation is going to be "smugglers"? Yeah, because fireworks smugglers FLY their explosive materials on transoceanic flights to the U.S., instead of just driving up to Mexico. But let's just go with it, shall we? Anyway, the three of them will set off the rockets to let the others know they're in position, and then they can turn on their antennas. But there's another problem: the battery in the transceiver is dead, and the transceiver's rather important in this whole exercise. A battery in a laptop would be great, but apparently this flight didn't have anyone smuggling laptop batteries. Kate's got an idea where to look.

And we go right to her confronting Sawyer, since he's been hoarding stuff like a packrat since the crash, so she doesn't believe that he doesn't have a single laptop. He smirks and says she must be a little testy after her "breakup" with "Jacko." And Kate, who doesn't seem to be all that concerned about actually getting a battery, says it must be exhausting "living like a parasite: always taking, never giving." Sawyer smirks some more, and she digs a little more by saying that Sawyer likely doesn't care if they get off the island because he's got nothing to go back to. "Nobody to miss, and no one misses you," she says. More smirking. "You're feeling sorry for me," he says. "I don't feel sorry for you," she says. "I pity you." They speak English in Australia, right? Or does "pity" have another meaning over there, other than "to feel sorry for"? Anyway, Sawyer pulls out a laptop, grabs the battery, and tells her all she had to do was say please. More smirking, from both of them. Yawn. Are they rescued yet?

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