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Charlie's strumming on his guitar again, when Hurley and Jack come along lugging baggage. Hurley's complaining about how much the bags weigh, and Jack explains that he packed everything they might find useful. I'd find it useful to know why Hurley would complain about the weight of the bags at the end of the little portage, but that's okay. Charlie volunteers to help, since he used to lug Driveshaft's equipment around before they got roadies. He grabs a bag, but before Jack can warn him about the broken zipper, he spills pill bottles all over the place. Charlie apologizes. Jack says it's okay, and grabs Hurley to go get the rest of the bags while Charlie cleans up. Naturally, though, as soon as they're gone, Charlie starts rummaging through the bottles. Just as naturally, Jack comes back and wonders what Charlie's doing. Charlie makes up an excuse about having a headache, so Jack takes the bottle he has and notes that it's diazepam, which is for anxiety. Hey, that's the stuff from "Metal Gear" that you need to steady your aim when you're using the sniper rifle! Uh, not that I still play video games or anything. At least, not often. Although, if I was in a plane that crashed, and wasn't able to play a daily game of "NHL 2005," I'd look something like Charlie does. Shit, the real NHL has been locked out for a month and I look terrible. Well, not "terrible," exactly. After all, I'm getting more sleep, because I'm not staying up to watch games on the West Coast. And I've lost a little weight, since I'm exercising more after work instead of watching hockey and eating junk food, and I'm spending more time with the future Mrs. Daniel, which is nice for both of us, and...where was I going with that? Oh, yeah. Oilers rule! So Charlie says he was looking for aspirin, and Jack, the DOCTOR, finally notices that Charlie don't look so hot and tells him to go get some water. Charlie continues to try to clean up, so Jack has to pretty much order him to stop: "Charlie, I got it. Go take care of yourself, man. I don't need you right now." Charlie stomps off, picks up his guitar, and the bonging of a church bell brings us back to Madchester, where Liam and Charlie are apparently not just at a church but at a seminary or something, and there are nuns walking around, all the better to take offence at Liam saying, "Come on, Charlie! You are bloody Driveshaft!" as he tries to convince Charlie, who writes all the songs, not to leave the band. Liam tries to use the fame argument, but Charlie says he only cares about the music. "I love the band. It's not who I am. Sometimes I just get lost in it." Liam promises that he'll look out for Charlie, that they'll look out for each other, because that's what brothers do, right? So we've got an English band with two brothers, one who writes the songs and the other, who's named Liam, who sings them, is that right? The writers didn't work too hard on this one, did they? Charlie agrees to stay with the band, but makes Liam promise that if things get too crazy they'll just walk away. Liam agrees, and then says, "Blur is bunch of fucking knobbers." Okay, we get it. "You're the rock god, baby brother," says Liam.

Back at the spring, Jin (played by the tastefully named Daniel Dae Kim) is tending to his wrist, which is being rubbed raw by the handcuff on it. Sun comes by, and says, in Korean, that he should have the doctor look at it, but he says it'll heal. Then he notices the skimpy top she's wearing, making him the last male to do so. He says it's indecent, and I really must beg to differ. He tells her to cover up, and she just looks at him and tells him that "it's too hot." And getting hotter!

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