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Digging in the dirt

Hurley's lugging over a guitar case to Charlie. "Dude, this yours?" And Charlie gets all "why, yes, I am the bass player from Driveshaft" on him and starts going on about how he's written a lot of tunes on that guitar, and Hurley just rolls his eyes and tells him that Jack needed it moved because it was in the way.

So Charlie stomps on off into the cave to confront Jack, saying that lots of people look up to him but Jack treats him like a child. Jack, naturally, is a little confused about what's got Charlie all worked up, and tries to calm him down. "You don't know me! I'm a bloody rock god!" yells Charlie. And I don't know if we're supposed to think that the force of Charlie's words are what triggered the cave-in, but the cave starts collapsing around them. Hurley, Sun, and Jin and some no-names come running up just in time to see Charlie emerge from the rubble. His hood is now up. I guess that's what saved him. "Where's Jack?" yells Hurley, and Charlie stands there silently pointing at the rubble in a shot that lingers a little too long. Commercials.

As Hurley and Sun start poking at the rubble, Charlie's explaining that he and Jack were talking and the roof caved in, and it all happened so fast, but no one's listening. Hurley yells at Charlie to go down the beach and get help. Charlie scurries off. "And make sure you tell Kate!" yells Hurley. Yes, that's what's most important here. Making sure Kate knows. Christ.

Kate's walking through the jungle with Sayid. She wants to know what the odds are of his plan working. He responds by asking what the odds were of them surviving that plane crash. That bad? Kate says people survive plane crashes all the time, but Sayid says, "Not like this one." He says that the tail section broke off while they were still in the air and the plane cartwheeled through the jungle, yet they escaped with nothing but a few scrapes. "How do you explain that?" he says. She suggests they were just lucky. "No one's that lucky. We shouldn't have survived," he says. Her opinion is that things just happen, and between that and her "faith" comment earlier, I've had just about all the little banal philosophical nuggets I can handle from her.

Back on the beach, Charlie is running past all the non-speaking extras to enlist the help of cast members, including Boone and Mercutio, who yells at "Scott" to come. The extra says, "I'm Steve," and another says, "I'm Scott." Now's not the time, guys. No more lines for you! Boone remembers he has another job to do, so he runs over to Shannon, who's lazily sunning herself. Next to me on the couch, Dan Kwa's attractive lawyer wife says, "She looks way too good for someone who crashed on a deserted island eight days ago." (When Dan Kwa asks you to fill in for him, he ain't kidding.) He explains to her the whole triangulation thing and stresses the importance of firing off the bottle rocket and only turning on the antenna once all the rockets have been fired. She's all, "Who in the what now?" and he urgently asks if she can handle that. She smiles and says of course she can. Look, there's no one else there? With Shannon, I don't think it's a question of whether she can do any given task as much as whether she will do it. And judging by the force with which she's rolling her eyes at Boone as he runs off, I'm thinking her compliance rate with this particular task won't be so stellar.

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