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Digging in the dirt

Charlie's on his way back to the cave-in before he remembers that informing Kate of the accident is much more important than digging the island doctor out from under several tons of rubble. Sawyer, who's shirtless (and those of you who have expressed disappointment at Sawyer's allegedly very ordinary torso have made me very sad, and ensured that once I am done this recap I will spend all my free time doing crunches, preferably on a treadmill, if I can figure out a technique to do both simultaneously), says that Kate and "Moo-hammed" went off into the jungle, and he promises Charlie he'll saunter on after them and let them know the situation. He tells Charlie to get back to doing whatever it is that he does around here. Because Sawyer is such a valuable member of the team, you see.

Also more important than digging Jack out? Flashing back to some concert, in which Jack and Liam are all smiles, standing back to back onstage. Back to back? What was the last band to actually do that, Van Halen? If they're from Madchester, shouldn't they be gazing at their shoes? Everything's all happiness and serviceable rock music until they get to the chorus of the song, which appears to be "You All Everybody" or "You Are Everybody" or "We Are Not Oasis" or something along those lines, and it's clear from Charlie's glare that Liam seems to be hogging Charlie's part of the chorus. Liam takes no notice of the angry hobbit with the bass guitar.

Backstage, Liam's the one getting all the hugs and the kisses and congratulations and such, while Charlie continues glaring until he confronts Liam with a "what the hell was that?" Liam apparently thinks it was another "kick-ass show" and that Liam was "bloody brilliant," but Charlie's annoyed because he's supposed to sing the chorus to "You All Everybody," not Liam. But it's about the music, not the fame, right? Liam explains that he's sorry, but he just got caught up in the moment and the "fans wanted it" or something. Charlie starts explaining that if he starts the chorus, and then Liam comes in, it's -- only he never gets to explain what it is, because they're interrupted. It's probably "more rockin'" that Charlie was going to say. That's what I'm going with, anyway. Liam's distracted by the arrival of some blonde woman. And also, drugs! Which Liam seems to keep in little film canisters. Charlie, the bass player in a massively popular English rock band, has apparently never seen drugs before. At any rate, he's never seen his brother with them. Liam catches his sibling's shocked stare and says, "Chill, baby brother," and he retires into another room with the blonde.

Back at the cave-in, an assembly line has already been formed to clear rocks out of the rubble. Mercutio puts a stop to that as soon as he arrives, despite Hurley's urgent reminder that Jack's in there, because he wants to check it out in case it's unstable. When Hurley starts to wonder how he'll know, Mercutio cuts him off with an "eight years in construction." Walt says they should get his bestest buddy Locke, who Hurley tells him is off in the jungle killing things. Mercutio examines the area where everyone was digging, then says this section is load-bearing, and they need to find a place where there's no danger of the wall collapsing in on them, which is...right around the side! He starts organizing the diggers, telling them to work in fours and go slowly, and those who aren't digging should be clearing the rubble and bringing water. Walt watches his dad take charge, with a look that unmistakably says, "Wow. My dad may not be a weird old bald white guy with a gajillion knives, but he's all right."

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