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Sayid and Kate, strolling through the jungle. Now, Sawyer went running after them, but he's somehow managed to catch up to them by arriving from the opposite direction, which is a pretty cool trick. And he's greeted with a "what the hell are you doing here" from Kate, and she adds a "what makes you think I'm interested in anything you have to say" when he says he came to tell her something. And for those of you who think Kate was kind of harsh on him, please review TWoP's policy on posting after consuming hallucinogenic drugs. I know Sawyer has shaggy blonde hair and adorable stubble and all, but he's been nothing but a sexist, racist asshole since the crash, and you reap what you sow. And the argument that in such a dire situation people need to work together to survive is, if anything, more indication that Sawyer needs to change his behaviour than that Kate needs to be nicer. And when Sawyer clenches his jaw all hurt-feelings and declines to tell Kate about the cave-in (opting to pretend that he's just there to help them instead), well, it's just more proof what a prick he is. Sorry, Sawyer-lovers. Kate's skeptical that he's there to help (and she's right to be), and he says that if she acts any more surprised he'll be offended.

Locke is still skinning that damn boar and has managed not to get attacked by any of the other boars that you'd think would obviously be in the vicinity. Charlie's lost any pretence of urgency as he wanders up to tell Locke about the cave-in. "Is anyone trying to get him out?" says Locke. Charlie says there's a bunch of people there. "Then why aren't you with them?" asks Locke. Charlie says nothing, and Locke says that Charlie didn't come here to tell him about Jack. "I want my stash, Locke," says a quite distressed Charlie. "I can't stand feeling like this." Locke says he wants to show him something, growing on this ol' metaphor tree over here.

It's a cocoon, and Locke asks Charlie what he thinks is growing in there. Charlie, all what-the-fuck?, says, "I don't know, a butterfly?" Locke says it's much more beautiful than a butterfly: it's a moth. "Moths spin silk. They're stronger, faster." Charlie wants to know what the point is, and Locke explains that the moth is struggling to get out right now. Locke could help it, by taking his moth-cocoon knife out and widening the opening, but then the moth wouldn't be strong enough to survive. Charlie continues to stare, because the anvil hasn't hit him yet. "The struggle is nature's way of strengthening it." Locke points out that this is the second time Charlie's asked for the drugs. "Ask me again and it's yours." Why Charlie doesn't immediately say, "Okay, for the third time, can I have them then?" is anybody's guess. Here's what bugs me about Obi Lockenobi's bullshit: if he just throws Charlie's drugs away, Charlie's going to struggle just as much, won't he? The moth analogy would work a little more if there was another little moth in the cocoon, a little bald moth with a knife telling the first moth that he could help him get out, but won't. That little bald moth is a bit of a prick. Commercials.

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