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Digging in the dirt

Working. Digging. Grunting. Digging. Sweating. The would-be rescuers are making good progress, good enough that Hurley starts yelling for Jack. "Come on, dude, answer me." Eventually the dude does. Yay! He's alive! Incredible that they didn't kill off the lead seven episodes into the series, no? But before the celebration can begin, Jack yells that he's pinned and can't move. The rescuers start murmuring, "How do we get him out?" but Mercutio silences that. Jack asks after Charlie, and is informed that Charlie made it out alive. "Tell Mr. Rock God thanks a huge frigging bunch!" yells Jack. Well, he doesn't. But wouldn't you?

Sayid, Sawyer, and Kate have hiked their way to where they're going to put the second antenna. Sayid sends Sawyer scurrying up a tree, and the surprisingly minimal backtalk from Sawyer consists solely of a sarcastic "yes, boss." As Sawyer leaves, Sayid reminds Kate to look for Sayid's bottle rocket at five o'clock, and then it's her turn. Then, turning an eye to Sawyer, Sayid says, "I don't trust him." "Who does?" shrugs Kate, smiling. Sayid goes further: "I don't trust him with you." Awww. That's sweet. Too bad she's spoken for, Sayid. "I can handle him," says Kate. ["And I can 'handle' Sayid, if you know what I mean. And I believe that you do. Electronics experts are hott." -- Sars]

Back at the hole, Mercutio says they can't make the hole any wider, and since Jack can't move, someone's going to have to go in there after him. Hurley expresses a little surprise that Mercutio wants someone to crawl through the tunnel they just dug. "I think he means someone smaller," says Boone, I guess because there's never a bad time to make fat jokes. Jin starts babbling, and we don't get subtitles, and a weary Hurley says, "Dude, we don't understand Chinese." Korean, Mercutio corrects him, much to everyone's surprise. Sun gives him a look as well. Man, nothing brings together disparate cultures like pretty women in skimpy clothing. "I'll do it," says the returning Charlie, but Mercutio says he's too shook up. Mercutio thinks he can do it himself, but Charlie stops him by asking him who'll look after his son if something happens to him. I think from Charlie's comments here that a lot of people assumed his brother was now dead, likely from an overdose, but Charlie only actually eliminates people who have loved ones on the island itself. "I'm alone here. No one on the island." He turns to Mercutio. "Let me do this." Mercutio knows he's right, since -- damn, did you see Sun?

Kate's anxiously awaiting Sayid's signal, much to Sawyer's amusement, who notes how often she's checking her watch. She tells him -- not for the first time, apparently -- that she'll fire off the flare and he'll turn on the antenna. He jokingly thanks God she's there to keep reminding him of the plan. "It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it," she says, whatever that's supposed to mean. So, since they're now friends, he asks her what she sees in Jack. "What is it about him that makes you all weak in the loins?" She looks at Sawyer like he's something she just scraped off the bottom of her shoe. "You try to be a pig or does it just come naturally?" she says. He theorizes that it's because Jack's a doctor (and her failure to hide her smile lets him know there's some truth to that). "Ladies dig the doctor," he says, and adds that if he had a couple of Band-Aids and some peroxide he could run the island. "You're actually comparing yourself to Jack," says Kate, incredulously. Sawyer gets scowly and says that the differences between the two of them aren't so big. "I guarantee you if he had survived a few more weeks on this island, you'd have figured that out," he says. Oh, he's got Kate's full attention now. "What did you just say?" she says. Sawyer acts like he slipped up, but I don't buy that. "Aw damn, didn't I tell you? Word from the valley is Saint Jack got himself buried in a cave-in." Kate's stricken. He tells her to look on the bright side: now she's got someone else to pity (or, at the very least, someone to feel sorry for). She throws the bottle rocket in Sawyer's lap (unfortunately, without lighting it first) and takes off a-runnin'.

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