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Digging in the dirt

Back at the cave-in, Charlie's getting some incredibly valuable advice like "be careful" and "go slow" and the like from the rest of the gang. He's taken a flashlight and a bottle of water with him. You know what else would be good? Travel Yahtzee. It's awesome. The dice are set in this plastic thing so you don't have to roll them in the car and have them go under the seat and stuff. So into the tunnel he goes, and for a brief second I think he's going to come out in John Malkovich's brain. Instead, he flashes back to a confrontation he had with his brother. He finds Liam in his dressing room with some champagne and groupies. Charlie throws the groupies out, and he's none too impressed because Liam skipped sound check and doesn't come to rehearsal anymore. Liam suddenly remembers they have a show to do, and starts rooting around for some heroin. Charlie decides it's time to walk away from the band, like Liam promised they would. Liam thinks Charlie's off his head. "You're killing yourself with this junk! You're killing Driveshaft!" "I AM DRIVESHAFT!" roars Liam, who follows that up with the observation that no one even knows who the "sodding" bass player is. And he wonders what the hell use Charlie is if he isn't in Driveshaft. And Liam exits with a brilliant "piss off!"

And so, Charlie turns to drugs. Yes, that's really it. He just takes some drugs sitting on Liam's makeup table.

Back on the island, Mercutio's allegedly professionally designed tunnel starts to collapse around the rock god, who appears to need to burrow about four kilometres to reach Charlie, who I thought was basically at the cave entrance when everything collapsed, but never mind. Fortunately, he squeezes himself into the cave just before the tunnel seals itself back up behind him. Nice one, Mercutio.

Right, so all of the would-be rescuers are freaking out over the second collapse, worried about Jack and Charlie running out of air (even though I don't think they have any way of knowing if the two of them are actually still alive). Mercutio yells at everyone to shut up because he's trying to think. And great, just what we need is Kate running up so she can start in with her grief and concern that you might expect from Jack's wife of 25 years and not from a crash co-survivor. "Where's Jack?" she yells a couple of times, and maybe someone can explain to her what a cave-in is, because I'm guessing if she wants to know where Jack is, the big ol' pile of rubble is a pretty good damn clue. Nobody wants to tell the distraught Mrs. Jack anything, until Hurley finally jerks his head towards the rubble and says, "He's in there." Kate wants to know if Jack's alive, and Mercutio tells her everything that's happened. Then Kate asks a very good question: "Why isn't anyone digging?" Maybe Locke came by and explained to everybody that they could help Jack and Charlie by widening a hole for them, but they'll be stronger if they make it out themselves. And Kate heads back to what appears to be the hole where the tunnel was that just collapsed. I don't have "eight years in construction" or anything, but that seems to fall on the "bad idea" side of the ledger, doesn't it? Only Mercutio doesn't say anything this time. I guess he knows that when you care about someone as much as Kate does, God himself will erect Magical Buttresses of Love for you.

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