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Previously on Lost: In the Sideways Reality, Jin gets nabbed at U.S Customs with $25 grand in his suitcase, when anything over $10K must be declared. On the island, Richard freaks out on Hurley, until Hurley says the magic words: "Your wife sent me. [...] She says you have to stop the Man In Black. You have to stop him from leaving the island." Faucke sends Sawyer to Hydra Island, allegedly to do some recon on the Ajira flight 316 plane, but really, it's to scope out the sub and its occupants, particularly one Charles Widmore. Widmore's crew nabs Sawyer and takes him to the sub. Once in Widmore's quarters, Sawyer proposes a deal. He'll bring Faucke to Widmore's door, if Widmore will give him and his safe passage off the island.

NOW; Camp Faucke: Someone's watching the Fauckers through night vision goggles. We zero in on Sawyer and Kate. He hands her a cup of water but tells her to pretend it's cocoa. If we're pretending, James, make mine KahlĂșa. When Faucke walks into view, there's a lot of static and the night vision cuts out. Now we're watching in living color as Faucke approaches Jin who is wrapping his leg. Since he reports that it still hurts. Faucke advises him to leave the bandage off for a while. "The air will do it some good." Doctors and wound specialists would disagree, but my Nana would totally agree and my Nana totally knew better, so in this one case, do what Faucke tells you, Jin. No wait. Maybe not. No offense, Nana, but usually, on this island, people heal right up. I'm thinking that's changed now that Jacob is dead. Also, I can't help but think about what Claire said about infection. Never mind, Jin. Keep wrapping your leg. Nana will understand.

Faucke cops a squat and asks if Sawyer filled Jin in on what he saw at the cliffs. Jin: "You mean the cave? The one with the names on the wall?" Faucke explains that most have been crossed off now. There are just a few left -- Kwon is one. Faucke just doesn't know which Kwon. What he does know that the only way "we" can leave the island is if all the uncrossed names go together. Jin: "But Sun is not here." Faucke: "You just take care of that leg. I'm working on it." Claire sits nearby -- all wig of wingnuttery, and ears.

Sideways; Airport: Customs releases Jin and returns to him his suitcase and watch. But the $25Gs? Federal law says they must confiscate it. To get it back, Jin must fill out the paperwork, and of course Jin-Soo "No English" Kwon, and Sun "No English" Paik really aren't up to that task. In Korean, Jin frets that he missed the meeting Pa Paik arranged for him. He explains to Sun that her father gave him the money to deliver along with the watch. Jin doesn't ask Pa Paik questions. At their hotel, Sun checks in and is given a beautiful ocean view suite on the 8th floor. Jin does his best pidgin English. "Two room. Two." The desk clerk is all, "Um..." Jin points at the vacant real estate on his ring finger. "No marry." The clerk finally gets it, and finds Jin's room -- number 842.

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