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Is That A Baton In Your Pocket?
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Previously, the Boaties showed up with a mad desire to capture Ben. And on the way to do that, they captured Alex (and shot Rousseau, the bastards!).

Beach. Kate is preparing to wash her shoulders, causing Jack to shoot her a flirty look. I never would have pegged him as a shoulder man. Jack's holding his side, and he makes his way to the tent where the medical supplies are kept. He's pouring some pills from a bottle when Kate interrupts to see what he's up to. He claims he's taking antibiotics due to a stomach bug. But he's acting kind of shady, so I think we're supposed to think he's suddenly become an addict. Dr. Kate tells Jack that her recommendation is that he eat some crackers. Kate's worried that Sayid and Desmond aren't back from the boat yet, and Jack reassures her that he's certain everything is going to be just fine. And then we hear some barking, and someone screaming for help.

I kind of had my hopes up that we were finally going to see Vincent going crazy and attacking someone, but he's just barking at a body floating in the water. The person screaming is Bernard. Everybody comes running, and they pull a man from the surf. Based on the fact that he's been floating face down the entire time they were trying to rescue him, it seems pretty obvious that he's dead. It's even more obvious when they turn him over and see that his throat has been slit from ear to ear. Jack sees Daniel and Charlotte exchange ominous glances, and he asks them if they know the dead man. I would think the first lesson you would learn in conspiracy school is not to exchange ominous glances with your co-conspirators. Daniel tells Jack that the dead man was the doctor on the boat.

Speaking of ominous, we cut to a close-up of Hurley telling someone, "We're all gonna die." He's talking to Sawyer, who tells him to calm down. The conversation is very mysterious, talking about how someone wants them to fight among themselves, etc., etc. But it turns out that the "he" is Locke, and the thing he wants them to fight over is a game of Risk. The only redeeming thing about this scene is that Aaron is sitting on Hurley's lap, looking completely adorable.

And speaking of risk, here's Alex being shoved along by a group of armed thugs. They shove her to her knees and take off her blindfold. She's near one of the control pillars for the sonic fence, and they tell her to turn it off or they'll blow her brains out. Alex tries to plead for the safety of Aaron, but the gun barrel shoved against the back of her head convinces her to enter a code on the fence.

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