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Your Mother's An Other?!
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So we got our 100th episode of Lost on the 100th day of Barack Obama's presidency. Which of course means absolutely nothing, but to celebrate, I'd like to order 100 bottles of beer (from over there -- on that wall), please. I've got a toothache and a bunch of dentist appointments in the coming days. I want to be sedated. Can you believe it's been 100 episodes, though? Does it feel more like 200 or 50 to you? Lost and I have are always breaking up and then getting back together, so I can't decide We have been solid as a rock this year, though -- or at least as solid as the four toes that are left on the ruins of the statue. Oh, that brings me to my latest crackpot theory: what lies in the shadow of the statue? The fifth toe. Thank you. I'm here 'til Saturday. Enjoy the veal.

Previously on Lost: Daniel tells Desmond to find his mother at Oxford. At the church in L.A., Benjamin Linus asks Eloise Hawking what will happen if he can't get all the Escape-aways to return. Eloise says, "Then God help us all." From the Long Beach Marina, Ben calls Charles Widmore to inform him he's going to kill his daughter Penelope Widmore Hume. He shoots our Desmond. Penny cries out his name just like we do and now it's time for...

Currently on Lost; 2007, Mainland: Not to go all Sawyer on you, but son of a bitch! Ben Linus really did shoot Des, because Des is being rushed into the hospital and then into surgery, and it's touch and go as to whether he'll live. Right now? I'm so glad Sayid shot Ben -- even though he was dressed up as a wee Harry Potter at the time. I've decided that's just his oddly humanistic Horcrux. Penny carries little Charlie Hume on her hip as she asks the hospital staff for answers they can't yet give. So she comforts the tot who is screaming, "Daddy," by telling him Daddy will be okay. Oh my, Penny, I hope so. I truly do. Eloise Hawking approaches mother and son in the hospital waiting room and comments that the boy has his father's hair. Penny has no idea who this woman is, so Eloise introduces herself and then apologizes, saying she's afraid her son is at fault for Desmond's current condition. Penny's all -- get back evil beastie, you're Ben Linus's mother? And Eloise is all -- ew, take it back. Take it back. Good heavens, no. I'm Daniel Faraday's mother. They play the music of Cindy, This Is A Huge Revelation, but um, not really, Show -- not for anyone who's not Penny. [Yeah, couldn't they have hidden her face for a while? - Zach] The screen fades to black and then a title card appears which reads...

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