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All change, she's having a baby
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Sun's standing in a negligee, looking at herself in the mirror. Hell, I would, if I were Sun. We hear Jin call out, in Korean, "Are you coming to bed?" So this looks promising for everybody watching. She seems a little nervous, and says she'll be right there. She steps out of the bathroom, and a shirtless Jin is lying up in bed waiting for her. He takes one look at her, and says, if my Korean lessons are paying off, "Daaaaaaaaaaamn." She seems slightly bashful, but flattered, and twirls for him at his request, while he looks her up and down approvingly. She comes to bed, and they start kissing, and he rolls her over onto her back before asking if she took her temperature. "Isn't that romantic?" she gripes, even though he didn't even say anything like the Korean equivalent of "hot beef injection," and he apologizes, before informing us -- er, "reminding Sun" -- that they've been trying for a year.

So he moves in to kiss again, but Sun ain't havin' it anymore. Jin says they should see a doctor about it, and Sun reacts like she doesn't even know what doctors are. Then she asks why Jin cares so much about a baby he won't even see. And they start fighting about his work, which Sun says isn't even work because he comes home with blood on his hands. Can someone give Sun's number to Carmela Soprano? Jin reminds her that he has blood on his hands because of her father. Sun's face crumples a moment after Jin reminds her that her father isn't the most squeaky-clean businessman, and Jin gets up, goes over to the window to give the Seoul skyline an eyeful, and apologizes. Then he lays out his "maybe if we have a baby, your father will want me in a safer job" theory. I'm not sure why Sun's father would care more for the safety of his grandchild's father that he does for the safety of his daughter's husband, but just go with that, Jin. Jin comes back to bed and says, "A baby will change everything." Yup, they usually do. "A baby will make it better." That, on the other hand, is often up for debate; Sun's non-responsiveness suggests she knows that much, even if Jin doesn't.

On Craphole Island, Sun's working in her garden. A rustling in the bushes startles her, which is understandable given what happened the last time the bushes did that. But she's relieved to see that it's Jin, even if she can't see that he's obviously pissed. He starts yelling her about how long he's been looking for her. This seems kind of odd to me; since he obviously knows about the garden, wouldn't that be one of the first places he'd check? He tells her to come back with him, and she says no, so he grabs her arm, and they yell at each other a bit. "The Others attacked you here! We talked about this!" is what he's saying, and she's saying that she doesn’t need him to protect her. She says she's going back to work in her garden. "'My garden'?" says Jin, who then proceeds to uproot everything, which he then says means she no longer has any reason to be out there. Personally, I think he's created a lot more work for her, so she'll need to stay out there longer. But he's probably not thinking straight, as evidenced by his rocking the Adam Morrison My First Mustache. "Shall we go back now?" says Hurricane Jin, and Sun goes stomping past him.

Ana-Lucia's sprinting along the beach while we surprisingly hear no music from Rocky or Chariots of Fire. She races up to her tent, where Locke's chillin', eating a banana, ready with a quip about how she's running like the devil's chasing her (stealing his folksy sayings from Desmond, I see). Like Mr. T, she ain't got time for the jibber-jabber, and asks him what he wants; she knows he wants something because she's been there a week and Locke hasn't spoken two words to her before now. So Locke gets right to it: "We've got a man locked up down in the hatch. There's a possibility he's one of them, the Others." Ana-Lucia wants to know what he means by "we," and Locke says him and Jack, which is a pretty good example of lying by omission, which Ana-Lucia will humourously find out throughout the episode. Anyway, Locke wants her to talk to Henry: "You have experience with the Others; you were a cop. Seems to me you're the most qualified to figure out if this man's telling the truth." Ana-Lucia asks if Jack knows that Locke's coming to her with this. Locke considers his answer for a moment, before calmly spouting off about how they have a problem and he's doing something about it and he doesn't need Jack's permission and blah blah blah. The key thing is this: "Right now there's a man sitting in a room in my hatch, and I want him out." Italics mine.

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