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Adultery Education
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Previously, the mercenaries from the freighter planned to torch everyone and everything on the island, and Frank dropped a trail of breadcrumbs out of the chopper. And Christian told Ben to move the island.

Open sky. You think we're on the chopper, but we're actually on a plane, with a couple of Coast Guard pilots. One of the pilots is rubbing his rabbit's foot. (That's not a euphemism.) He thinks they need luck in light of the scary cargo they're carrying. One of the pilots turns to a civilian-type woman sitting behind them and tells her to let the passengers know they are going to land soon. The woman is played by Michelle Forbes, a.k.a. Ro Laren, a.k.a. Admiral Caine, a.k.a. some characters on other TWoP-covered shows. She gets around, is what I'm saying. She makes her way to the back of the cargo plane, where we find the Oceanic Six glumly sitting there. She tells them that they're about to land at a military base near Honolulu, where their families are already waiting for them. She also says that the press is there, but it's completely up to them whether they speak to the press or not -- Oceanic (which is who she works for) doesn't care one way or the other. Jack tells her that they've decided to talk to the reporters. And hey, the reporters are already calling them the Oceanic Six. She leaves, and we can barely see that there's some other dude sitting about ten feet away from the Losties.

Now that they have some privacy (except for the mostly unseen dude), Jack tells the others that they all know the story, and that they should just avoid answering any questions they don't like. He thinks the press will accept their silence, believing them to be in shock. Sun: "We are in shock, Jack."

The plane lands. They unbuckle their seat belts, and the entire back of the plane opens up. We can see a crowd of people waiting on the runway. None of the Losties look very happy. Until they hit the runway. Hurley sees his mother and father and runs to them. Sun's parents are also there -- she hugs her mother and kind of ignores her father. And there's Jack's mother. Sayid and Kate have nobody waiting for them. Hurley pulls Sayid over to his family, and Mama Hurley gives him a big hug. And Kate stands there, looking lonely and kind of scared.

Beach. It seems like it was moments ago that the chopper dropped a phone on them, and they're trying to figure out what it means. Rose thinks it must have been Desmond and Sayid on the chopper. Sun thinks that if they were on the chopper, they would have just landed. Jack thinks they're supposed to use the phone to follow the chopper. Sun thinks that since they have a phone, perhaps they should just try to call the chopper. Jack hands the phone to Daniel, who pushes some buttons on the phone -- the display reads "monitor only," and we can hear people speaking. Keamy is telling Frank to land the chopper, and then tells the soldiers that they're heading to the Orchid as soon as they land. Daniel and Charlotte exchange some of their patented "better keep a secret" glances, but for once nobody seems to notice. Jack asks Juliet if she knows what the Orchid is; she says she does not, and also notes that she didn't hear either Sayid or Desmond on the phone. Jack takes the phone and asks Kate if she'd like to take a walk. While Kate fetches guns, Juliet runs after Jack and tells him it's moronic for him to run off into the jungle while he's just recovering from surgery. Jack tells her that he has to run off into the jungle because he promised the Losties that he would get them off the island. Juliet leaves him to his own stupidity.

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