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Adultery Education

Elsewhere on the beach, Daniel pulls his journal out of his pack. Charlotte asks him what's wrong, and he tells her that if the chopper is going to the Orchid, they must be using the secondary protocol. She doesn't know what that means. He flips through his journal and comes to a page with a bunch of formulas, the words "spacelike factors," and a drawing of a Dharma symbol with the words "The Orchid" written next to it. He tells her that they have to get off the island right away. Credits.

Daylight, in the jungle. Jack and Kate are trudging along, following the tracking on the satellite phone. He thinks that they're getting close, and she suggests they take a break. As she gets some water out of her pack, she notices blood on his shirt around his stitches. He tells her it's normal, and that he's not bleeding. I think it would actually be pretty normal for him to be bleeding. She tells him that she knows he's lying because he looks her dead in the eye. They hear a sound in the trees and pull their guns. It's Miles, followed closely by Sawyer and Aaron. Kate and Jack look shocked to see them, and Kate asks where Claire is. Sawyer: "We lost her." And it's kind of like one of those jokes about a doctor who always says the wrong thing (like, "your mother has gone to a better place," when he means that your mother has been sent to a better hospital), because what he means is that she wandered off into the jungle, not that she's dead. (That we know of.) Sawyer and Miles did spend a day looking for her. And yet somehow the baby is not starving. There's all kinds of mutual exposition -- Jack tells Sawyer about the chopper flying by, and Sawyer tells Jack about the mercenaries who killed a bunch of people. Sawyer thinks they should stay away from the chopper, but Jack thinks it's their only way off the island. They're arguing, and now the baby starts crying. So Kate takes him, because she's so maternal. Jack and his enormous ego think that he's responsible for Sayid and Desmond since he put them on the chopper, so he has to try to find them. Jack tries to send the other back to the beach, but Kate thinks it's stupid for him to go alone. Jack tells her to take care of the baby. Noble Sawyer tells Jack that he doesn't get to die alone, and follows him off into the trees.

Flash-forward. Press conference in a large hangar. Admiral Caine is briefing the press on what happened. The story is that the plane crashed, the ocean current swept the survivors to a tiny island called Membata. Eventually, a typhoon washed up the wreckage of a boat, and on day 108 the survivors set sail and made their way to a larger island called Sumba (all of this in the Indonesian archipelago). As she speaks, the Oceanic Six are sitting at a table on the stage. We see a photo of the six of them coming ashore on Sumba, with some local fisherman helping them out. The reporters ask some questions. Jack claims that when the plane crashed, some of them made it off before it went down, and they used seat cushions (which really can be used as a flotation device) to stay afloat while the current carried them to the island. It took a day for them to wash ashore, and by then there were only eight left. One reporter asks them how it is that they look so healthy. Hurley: "Is that directed at me, dude?" And then reporter asks him about his money; he tells her he doesn't want any of it back. Another reporter asks Sun a question in Korean. Sun translates for the crowd, noting that the reporter asked if Sun's husband died on the island. Sun says he didn't -- he never made it off the plane. A reporter asks Kate about her baby. Kate claims Aaron is just over five weeks old. The reporter puts it together that she would have been about six months pregnant when she was arrested in Australia. And really, this is where I expect their story to fall apart, because the Australian cops involved then have to know that she was not visibly pregnant when the Marshall took her away. Finally, a reporter asks Sayid if it's possible there are any other survivors. The survivors all exchange portentous looks. They seem to have learned some lessons on how to conspire from Daniel and Charlotte. Sayid says that there are no other survivors. By the way, except for the Korean reporter, only two reporters asked all of those questions. The other reporters in the room all suck.

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