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Adultery Education

The survivors leave the press conference, walking through a curtain. Jack tells Kate that she did good. Then Admiral Caine tells Sayid that there's a woman there to see him. She wasn't on the list of family members, but Sayid definitely knows her name. Sayid exits the hangar (and again, what kind of crappy reporters wouldn't follow him to ask more questions?), where he finds Nadia waiting for him. They embrace. It's a very moving reunion. Too bad we already know she's going to die.

Cut to Sayid in the Zodiac, heading back to the island. He looks very heroic flying over the waves, and the music is incredibly gorgeous. He pulls the boat up on the beach, and some Losties (including Sun, Jin, and Juliet) run up to him. Sun asks where Desmond is; as we know, he's on the boat. Sayid tells them he's got to get them back to the boat before the chopper returns. Juliet asks why that's so important; Sayid tells her it's because the chopper dudes plan to kill them all. And that's when Juliet tells Sayid that Jack and Kate went out looking for the chopper. Commercials.

Ben, Locke, and Hurley climb a hill. Hurley asks where they're going. Ben tells him they're going to the Orchid, which is a greenhouse. And also the place where they store the really long lever they used to move the island. Hurley makes the sensible suggestion that they should have moved the island before the "psychos with guns" showed up. Ben tells him that moving the island is dangerous -- it's a measure of last resort. Ben notices a small pile of rocks and stops to dig through it. He finds a small suitcase. Locke finally remembers that he's nominally in charge, and insists on opening the case. The first thing he pulls out is a tin of Dharma crackers, which he immediately tosses to Hurley. Who just as immediately starts cramming them in his piehole. The next thing is a mirror, which Ben asks for. Ben tells Hurley, "You know, those are fifteen years old." Heh. Ben holds the mirror up and starts flashing some signals to a nearby mountain. Locke has pulled some binoculars out of the case, and he trains them on the mountain. A message is flashed from the mountaintop in response, and Ben says they can go. Locke asks him what just happened. Ben: "None of your business, John." You know, I don't think it's so much that Ben is an evil genius as it is that Locke is a moron.

On the beach, people are still clustered around the boat. They're loading it with supplies, or something. Daniel tells Sayid that if he wants to head off after Jack and Kate, that's great, but that they still need to start getting people to the freighter. Daniel offers to start ferrying people back. Juliet nods her assent, and Sayid hands Daniel the compass. Daniel calls for the first six passengers. Juliet interrupts to make sure that Sun (who is pregnant) is in the first load. And then Kate and Miles emerge from the jungle. She and Sayid exchange exposition, and she offers to go with him since she can track Jack and Sawyer. And then without explaining where Claire is, Kate shoves Aaron into Sun's arms and asks her to get him on the boat. Kate and Sayid run off, and Daniel, Sun, Jin, Aaron, and three other Losties head off in the boat. There are only about six people (including Charlotte) left standing on the beach -- I know there are still half a dozen or so Losties scattered around the island, but it's kind of disturbing to see how much their numbers have dwindled. On the Zodiac, Jin reminds Sun that he promised to get her off the island.

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