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Adultery Education

A visibly pregnant Sun, with a very sleek hairstyle, climbs some stairs in a Paik Heavy Industries office building. She overhears her father yelling at a couple of flunkies, who are giving him bad news about something that somebody did using five different banks. Mr. Paik sends the flunkies scurrying. Sun greets him, and innocently asks if something is wrong. Mr. Paik tells her not to worry her pretty little head over it. He asks how the pregnancy is going. She turns cold, and tells him not to bother feigning interest, since they both know he hated Jin. He gets red, and demands that she shut up and show him some respect. So she tells him that she used her Oceanic settlement money to buy a controlling interest in his company (presumably using five different banks to do it). Either Paik Heavy Industries is a much smaller company than I ever imagined, or Oceanic was throwing around some kind of billion-dollar settlement money. As the new controlling owner of the company, Sun demands that Mr. Paik show her some respect. He's shocked, and demands to know why she did this. She accuses him of ruining Jin's life, and of being one of two people responsible for his death. He collapses into his chair. She tells him that she's going to have her baby, and then they can discuss the future of their company. Sun's kind of a hard-ass. Commercials.

Hurley pulls up to the McMansion he bought when he won the lottery. He's driving a rustheap of a car, and as he gets out we can see that he's clutching a bag from Mr. Cluck's. The front door of the house is ominously open, and Hurley hesitantly calls out for his mother as he enters. And then he sees a coconut sitting on the floor of the foyer. And then... whispers! Island-type whispers. Taking his cue from the music, Hurley gets all tense and creeps into the... bedroom? That's right off the foyer? That's an interesting design choice. The whispers are louder in the bedroom. Hurley puts down the chicken and picks up a gilt-covered religious statue and approaches a set of French doors that lead out of the bedroom. There's a curtain across the doors, so we can't see what's on the other side. Asking himself why he's doing this, Hurley raises the statue in one hand and throws the door open with the other. Surprise! It's a birthday party! Hurley's mother asks him why he's holding the statue like a club, and he tells her he thought there might be a prowler. Mama Hurley: "Jesus Christ is not a weapon." She takes the statue away from him and tells him to enjoy the party.

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