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Adultery Education

It's later, and everyone is chillaxing at the party on the patio. Hurley sure has lots of friends for a fat, depressed, crazy man. Also, the place is decorated with a total tropical island theme, right down to fake thatch on the umbrellas. Hurley sees Kate (holding Aaron), who tells him Jack is running late. And then a heavily accented voice wishes him a happy birthday. It's Nadia, there with Sayid. And Sayid's wedding ring. Sayid comments on the decorations, and Hurley tells him that his mother doesn't really get the whole "I'd be happy if I never saw another tropical island for the rest of my life" concept. Hurley's father interrupts (with a bad joke about how they must be talking about building fires or hunting boars) and takes Hurley away to show him his present. Hurley's dad seems to be taking his makeup tips from Richard Alpert, because he's wearing more eyeliner than an old French whore.

Cut to the two of them standing in the driveway. Hurley tells him that he doesn't want anything that was purchased with the lottery money, and his father tells him that the present was something he got before Hurley gave them the money. Dad opens the garage door, and we see the Camaro that Hurley was fixing up with his dad when he was a little boy (and that we saw him crash in another flash-forward. Hurley's dad tells him that he worked on fixing the car after the crash as a memorial to Hurley. He hands him the keys, and they get in to go for a drive. But Hurley happens to look at the dashboard, and he sees that the odometer reads 48151.6 and the trip meter reads 234.2. And of course, those are the Numbers (4-8-15-16-23-42). Hurley accuses his dad of trying to punk him, but Cheech seems genuinely confused. Hugo freaks out and goes running down the street.

In the jungle, Hurley is asking Ben the question we all thought of after last week's episode. Namely, how does it help to move the island if the bad guys with guns are already there? Also, if they move the island, will Hurley still be able to get off the island somehow? I think I know the answer to that second one. But Ben doesn't answer either question. Ben stops suddenly and asks for the binoculars. He also tells them to get lower to the ground, because they've arrives. But he does all of this in a fairly loud tone, so I hope the soldiers are all listening to their iPods instead of being on guard. Locke asks why they're waiting, and Ben tells him that Widmore knows about the Orchid and will have told the soldiers to go there. Locke asks Ben, "I thought you said you had no idea why he was trying to find the island?" Ben: "I wasn't being entirely truthful." Really, show? You're going to write Locke as being so dumb that he keeps believing Ben and then have Ben make fun of him for it? Anyway, the soldiers are already there. Commercials.

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