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Adultery Education

The Zodiac launch, bearing Daniel, Sun, Jin, Aaron, and three no-names, approaches the freighter. Desmond and a crewman throw down a rope ladder and help people up to the deck. There's a little exposition about the fact that Sayid went into the jungle after Jack, and then Daniel takes off to get the next group. There's what looks like a sizeable tank of fuel in the boat with him, in case you were wondering. On the deck, we hear a familiar voice tell someone that the engine is fixed. Sun and Jin turn towards the voice and look stunned. Because the voice belongs to Michael.

Desmond enters the... bridge? Control room? Whatever. And tells a crewman that the engine should be working. The guy starts it up, and tells Desmond that they can now bring the boat closer to the island. Desmond makes sure he's on the right heading. The crewman tells Des that there's some kind of RF (which means "radio frequency") interference with the fancy electronic thing that helps them avoid running to dangerous things in the water (like reefs, or rocks). Until the source of the interference is found, he's not going to move the boat. They decide, from the strength of the signal, that the interference must be coming from on board, so Desmond sets out to find it.

Sawyer and Jack are in the jungle. Sawyer notices Jack's bleeding stomach, and Jack tells him about the appendectomy. And then they arrive at the chopper. There are sounds coming from inside it, so they split up and circle around to approach both doors at once. What they find is Frank, handcuffed to a bench in the rear part of the helicopter. Frank tells them that he dropped the phone on them precisely so they could find him and he could fly them out of there. I like the way you think, Frank -- leave the crazy soldiers on the island where they can't hurt you or the people on the boat and then get everyone else onto the boat with you. That's some good planning. Frank asks Sawyer to fetch him a toolbox so he can find something to cut the handcuffs. Frank tells Jack that Desmond and Sayid stayed on the boat (which was true the last time he saw them). Frank tells them that the soldiers have gone to snatch Ben. In response to Sawyer's question, he tells them that he expects the soldiers to kill anyone who is with Ben. Sawyer tells Jack that Hurley is with Ben. Jack: "Son of a bitch!" I like that Sawyer didn't bother to tell Jack that Locke was with Ben, because that might have tempted him to go help the soldiers kill everyone himself.

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